Anne of Avonlea (1975 Television Miniseries)

Country: Britain

Language: English

Runtime: 6 episodes x 55 minutes

Release date: 26 January, 2, 9, 16, 23 February, 2 March 1975

Production Companies: BBC Television

Director: Joan Craft

Dramatist: Elaine Morgan

Producer: John McRae

Source Material: From L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island

Principal Cast: Kim Braden (Anne Shirley), Barbara Hamilton (Marilla Cuthbert), Madge Ryan (Rachel Lynde), Christopher Blake (Gilbert Blythe), Jan Francis (Diana Barry), David Garfield (Mr. Harrison), Nicholas Lyndhurst (Davy Keith), Annabelle Lanyon (Dora Keith), Sabina Franklyn (Philippa Gordon), Anthony Forrest (Roy Gardner)


Like the 1972 miniseries Anne of Green Gables, this BBC miniseries was believed to be lost, but it was released on DVD in 2006. Based on Montgomery’s novels Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island, it follows Anne’s trials and tribulations as a young adult in Avonlea, from her first experiences as a teacher, her involvement in the romantic lives of others, and her university career, which is wrapped up in the final two episodes. The London Times claims the series “promises much” (25 January 1975) and pronounces it “delightful” (1 March 1975), but it does not offer a more detailed review. Rebroadcast on BBC between 2 January and 6 February 1977.



Anne of Avonlea. Based on the Novels by L.M. Montgomery. KOCH Entertainment, 2006.

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