Gillian Steeve


Road to Avonlea (1990–1996)
Clemmie Ray

S3E09: Vows of Silence [True Confessions] (as Clemmie Rae)
S3E05: Another Point of View [Facts and Fictions] (as Clemmie Rae)

S2E12: A Mother’s Love

S1E11: The Witch of Avonlea
S1E10: Felicity’s Challenge
S1E07: Conversions
S1E06: Proof of the Pudding
S1E04: The Materializing of Duncan
S1E03: The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham’s
S1E02: The Story Girl Earns Her Name
S1E01: The Journey Begins

Lantern Hill (1990)
Little Schoolgirl