Heather Brown


Happy Christmas, Miss King (1998)
Izzy Pettibone (Archival footage)

Road to Avonlea (1990–1996)
Izzy Pettibone

S7E13: So Dear to My Heart
S7E08: Ah…Sweet Mystery of Life
S7E07: Total Eclipse
S7E04: Woman of Importance
S7E02: Love May Be Blind…but the Neighbours Ain’t

S6E13: Homecoming
S6E11: What a Tangled Web We Weave
S6E10: Home Is Where the Heart Is
S6E09: The More Things Change
S6E07: A Fox Tale
S6E04: Comings and Goings
S6E02: Lonely Hearts

S5E11: Otherwise Engaged
S5E08: Strictly Melodrama
S5E06: The Great Race
S5E04: A Friend in Need

S4E10: Felicity’s Perfect Beau
S4E07: The Dinner [Felicity’s Grand Design]
S4E06: Evelyn
S4E05: Moving On [Sara and the Marshal]
S4E04: Boys Will Be Boys
S4E03: Incident at Vernon River
S4E02: The Lady and the Blade