Kay Tremblay


Happy Christmas, Miss King (1998)
Great-Aunt Eliza (Uncredited)

Road to Avonlea (1990–1996)
Great-Aunt Eliza

S7E10: After the Ball Is Over
S7E07: Total Eclipse
S7E06: King of the Great White Way
S7E05: Secrets and Sacrifices
S7E03: Davey and the Mermaid
S7E02: Love May Be Blind…but the Neighbours Ain’t
S7E01: Out of the Ashes

S6E13: Homecoming
S6E12: A Time to Every Purpose
S6E09: The More Things Change
S6E08: Fools and Kings (as Aunt Eliza)
S6E07: A Fox Tale
S6E04: Comings and Goings

S5E11: Otherwise Engaged
S5E09: Thursday’s Child
S5E08: Strictly Melodrama
S5E06: The Great Race [Uncredited]
S5E02: Memento Mori (as Aunt Eliza)
S5E01: Fathers and Sons (as Aunt Eliza)

S4E13: Hearth and Home (as Aunt Eliza)

S3E01: The Ties That Bind [Sister of the Bride]

S2E02: How Kissing Was Discovered (as Aunt Eliza)