Laura M. Robinson

Laura M. Robinson is a Professor of English and Dean of Arts and Social Sciences at the Grenfell campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has contributed articles to a number of journals and collections of essays and curated the exhibit The Canadian Home Front: L.M. Montgomery’s Reflections on the First World War. She has contributed chapters to several collections of essays, most recently L.M. Montgomery’s Rainbow Valleys: The Ontario Years, 1911–1942 (2015) and L.M. Montgomery and War (2017).


Book Chapters (8)

Robinson, Laura M. “L.M. Montgomery’s Great War: The Home as Battleground in Rilla of Ingleside.” In L.M. Montgomery and War, edited by Andrea McKenzie and Jane Ledwell, 113–27. Montreal: McGill–Queen’s University Press, 2017.

Robinson, Laura M. “‘A Gift for Friendship’: Revolutionary Friendship in Anne of the Island and The Blue Castle.” In L.M. Montgomery’s Rainbow Valleys: The Ontario Years, 1911–1942, edited by Rita Bode and Lesley D. Clement, 77–90, 286–87. Montreal: McGill–Queen’s University Press, 2015.

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Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 2: A Critical Heritage, edited by Benjamin Lefebvre, 212–22. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Journal Articles (3)

Robinson, Laura M. “‘Sex Matters’: L.M. Montgomery, Friendship, and Sexuality.” Children’s Literature 40 (2012): 167–90.

Robinson, Laura. “Remodeling An Old-Fashioned Girl: Troubling Girlhood in Ann-Marie MacDonald’s Fall on Your Knees.” Canadian Literature 186 (Autumn 2005): 30–45.

Robinson, Laura. “Bosom Friends: Lesbian Desire in L.M. Montgomery’s Anne Books.” Canadian Literature 180 (Spring 2004): 12–28.

Also in Children’s Literature Review 145, edited by Tom Burns, 154–63. Detroit: Gale, 2009.

Dissertation/Thesis (1)

Robinson, Laura Mae. “Educating the Reader: Negotiation in Nineteenth-Century Popular Girls’ Stories.” Ph.D. dissertation, Queen’s University, 1998.

Newsletter Item (1)

Robinson, Laura M. “The Canadian Home Front: L.M. Montgomery’s Reflections on the First World War.” Cordially Yours 10, no. 1 (Spring 2014): 5.

Reviews (3)

Robinson, Laura M. “Indie Publishing?: Broadview Press, Gynocritics, and Anne of Green Gables.” English Studies in Canada 33, no. 1–2 (March–June 2007): 227–38.

Robinson, Laura M. “Tragedy of Everyday Life.” Review of Marian Engel: A Life in Letters, edited by Christl Verduyn and Kathleen Garay; The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume 5: 1935–1942, edited by Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston. Canadian Literature 189 (Summer 2006): 145–46.

Robinson, Laura M. Review of Making Avonlea: L.M. Montgomery and Popular Culture, edited by Irene Gammel. English Studies in Canada 30, no. 4 (December 2004): 235–39.