Lindsay Murrell


Road to Avonlea (1990–1996)
Dora Keith

S7E13: So Dear to My Heart
S7E09: From Away
S7E08: Ah…Sweet Mystery of Life
S7E03: Davey and the Mermaid
S7E01: Out of the Ashes

S6E13: Homecoming
S6E10: Home Is Where the Heart Is
S6E09: The More Things Change
S6E06: Great Expectations
S6E05: The Trouble with Davey
S6E02: Lonely Hearts

S5E13: The Minister’s Wife
S5E12: Enter Prince Charming
S5E11: Otherwise Engaged
S5E10: Best Laid Plans
S5E09: Thursday’s Child
S5E04: A Friend in Need