L.M. Montgomery’s Complete Journals: The Ontario Years, 1918–1921

L.M. Montgomery’s Complete Journals: The Ontario Years, 1918–1921 is an unabridged and annotated edition of L.M. Montgomery’s journals that she kept from ages forty-three to forty-seven, while living in Leaskdale, Ontario. Edited by Jen Rubio and featuring an introduction by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly, the book was published by Rock’s Mills Press as a trade paperback in May 2017. It is the fourth volume of Montgomery’s unabridged journals, preceded by The Complete Journals of L.M. Montgomery: The PEI Years, 1889–1900 (2012) and The Complete Journals of L.M. Montgomery: The PEI Years, 1901–1911 (2013), edited by Mary Henley Rubio and Elizabeth Hillman Waterston, as well as L.M. Montgomery’s Complete Journals: The Ontario Years, 1911–1917 (2016), also edited by Jen Rubio. It also supplements The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume 2: 1910–1921 (1987), also edited by Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston, who at the time were directed to abridge Montgomery’s journal text.

From the Back Cover

“Have you heard the news?” L.M. Montgomery records asking her husband Ewan as he arrived home on October 6, 1918, “hoping like a child that he hadn’t, so that I would be the first to tell him.” World War I had ended.

Montgomery’s words reflect the relief felt across the world as the war drew to a close. Her own life, however, did not relax as she might have hoped; rather, a series of unexpected events were about to unfold. Elizabeth Rollins Epperly observes in her introduction that Montgomery’s journals are filled with moments of joy “suspended in a larger, often darker, story.” Here we read about Montgomery’s experiences with death, the spirit world, and insanity, among others. Her husband’s mental illness often makes for hair-raising reading.

Available here for the first time is the complete record of Montgomery’s life, a spellbinding account of the small and the large, the tragic and the humorous. Over 180 of Montgomery’s own photographs are here, many never before published. In addition to Professor Epperly’s fascinating introduction, this edition contains new notes with updated historical background.


Introduction / Elizabeth Rollins Epperly (v–xiii)

1918 (1–80)

1919 (81–224)

1920 (225–92)

1921 (293–361)

Acknowledgements (362)

Index (363–69)

Index of Photographs (370–79)


Editor: Jen Rubio
Paratext: Introduction by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly
Country: Canada
Publisher: Rock’s Mills Press (n.p.)
Date: 2017
Format: Trade paperback
Trim: 6 x 9
Pagination: xiv + 379 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-77244-066-9