Maja Ardal


Happy Christmas, Miss King (1998)
Clara Potts

Road to Avonlea (1990–1996)
Mrs. Potts

S7E13: So Dear to My Heart (as Clara Potts)
S7E12: The Last Hurrah (as Clara Potts)
S7E10: After the Ball Is Over (as Clara Potts)
S7E06: King of the Great White Way (as Clara Potts)
S7E01: Out of the Ashes (as Clara Potts)

S6E13: Homecoming (as Clara Potts)
S6E10: Home Is Where the Heart Is (as Clara Potts)

S5E13: The Minister’s Wife (Uncredited)
S5E08: Strictly Melodrama

S4E12: Home Movie
S4E08: Heirs and Graces
S4E04: Boys Will Be Boys
S4E02: The Lady and the Blade (as Mrs. Clara Potts)

S3E13: Old Friends, Old Wounds
S3E12: The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King
S3E09: Vows of Silence
S3E07: A Dark and Stormy Night
S3E06: Aunt Janet Rebels
S3E05: Another Point of View
S3E04: Felix and Blackie

S2E12: A Mother’s Love
S2E10: Dreamer of Dreams
S2E08: Sea Ghost
S2E06: May the Best Man Win
S2E05: Old Quarrels, Old Love
S2E03: Aunt Hetty’s Ordeal
S2E01: Sara’s Homecoming

S1E13: Nothing Endures but Change
S1E10: Felicity’s Challenge
S1E09: Malcolm and the Baby
S1E08: Aunt Abigail’s Beau
S1E04: The Materializing of Duncan
S1E02: The Story Girl Earns Her Name