Pat of Silver Bush

Pat of Silver Bush is L.M. Montgomery’s nineteenth book, first published in August 1933 by McClelland and Stewart (Toronto) and the Frederick A. Stokes Company (New York). It follows Patricia Gardiner, a girl whose fierce devotion to her home makes her reluctant to accept any kind of change, from the ages of six to eighteen; its sequel, Mistress Pat: A Novel of Silver Bush (1935), continues the story of Pat into her early thirties. It was preceded by A Tangled Web (1931) and followed by Courageous Women (1934).


“God gave all men all earth to love / But, since our hearts are small, / Ordained for each spot should be / Beloved over all.” —Kipling


“To Alec and May and The Secret Field”


1. Introduces Pat

2. Introduces Silver Bush

3. Concerning Parsley Beds

4. Sunday’s Child

5. “What’s in a Name?”

6. What Price Weddings?

7. Here Comes the Bride

8. Aftermath

9. A Day to Spend

10. A Maiden All Forlorn

11. Dinner Is Served

12. Black Magic

13. Company Manners

14. The Shadow of Fear

15. Elizabeth Happens

16. The Rescue of Pepper

17. Judy Puts Her Foot Down

18. Under a Cloud

19. “Am I So Ugly, Judy?”

20. Shores of Romance

21. What Would Judy Think of It?

22. Three Daughters of One Race

23. Mock Sunshine

24. Ashes to Ashes

25. His Way Is on the Sea

26. Gentleman Tom Sits on the Stairs

27. Glamour of Youth

28. Even as You and I

29. April Magic

30. One Shall Be Taken

31. Lost Fragrance

32. Exile

33. Fancy’s Fool

34. “Let’s Pretend”

35. Shadow and Sunshine

36. Balm in Gilead

37. Winnie’s Wedding

38. Laughter and Tears

39. The Chatelaine of Silver Bush