Poems: Index by First Line

What follows is an index by first line of L.M. Montgomery’s poems reprinted in The Blythes Are Quoted (2009), The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 1: A Life in Print (2013), A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891–1917 (2018), and A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921 (2019). Volumes of Montgomery’s collected poems are in progress.

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Across the sunlit sea
A filmy western sky of smoky red
A pale, enchanted moon is sinking low
As my letter must be brief
A song, a song of courage, of fellowship and cheer
A wide spring meadow in a rosy dawn
A window looking out to sea
A windy, hollow sky of crystal clear


Bride of a day, your eye is bright


Calm as a reaped harvest height
Come back to me, little dancing feet that roam the wide world o’er
Come, drain the cup held to our lips at last
Come, ’tis a day that was born for dreaming


Do you remember that lone, ancient shore


Fast tonight the frost is holding over all the world we know
Folded away in the cedar chest
Friendly meadows touched with spring
Friend o’ mine, in the year oncoming


Had it been when I came to the valley where the paths parted asunder
Here I lean over you, small son, sleeping


I am to die to-night! A solemn calm
I cherish love but for its own sweet sake
If I could see you once, but once, as in
If I had known how much of lasting good
If love should come
I have a right to you
I have built me a house at the end of the street
I have buried my dead
I know a dell of violets, a sweet and starry splendour
I know a place for lagging feet
I’m weary of the city’s noise …
In the gold of sunset bloom
I seek a little hidden gate
It came to him in rainbow dreams
I thank thee, friend, for the beautiful thought
It opened on a world of wonder
It winds beneath the shadow where the Druid fir trees lean
I walked to-day, but not alone
I walked with Wind of Autumn across the upland airy
I would be well if once again I saw the dancing shadows
I wrote therein the bitterness


Just a hush among the trees


Life, as thy gift I ask no rainbow joy
Lo, I have loved thee long, long have I yearned and entreated!
Love, is it dawn that creeps in so grey


Make it where the winds may sweep
Milk-white against the hills of pine
My pictures? Why, yes; I will show them with gladness


Not ours to join in the well-fought fray


O gypsy winds that pipe and sing
Oh, darkness and silence hold their sway
Oh, here is joy that cannot be
Oh, we will walk with spring to-day
Old friend, who art my guest tonight
Once on a time I spoke a word
One day the Piper came down the Glen …
Open the casement and set wide the door
Out in the ways of the wind went I


Sad and strange as some weird old rune
She’s standing on the bridge above me looking down
Sing to me
Sweet, I must be for you the only one you have dreamed of


The carnage of the battle day was done
The old clock ticks behind the door
The poet sang of a battle-field
There is a house I love
There is no difference this blithe morning
There’s a grayness over the harbour like fear on the face of a woman
There was strength in him and the weak won freely from it
The roses are very fair that among you blossom
The sea dusk shrouds in violet gloom the ocean’s silver blue
These I may not take with me
The wind is on the hill
This is a haunted room
Three days have I in my heart upsealed
Through the shriek of the city comes to me
Today a wind of dream
Today in the turbid city
To-day I walked in dreamful mood adown
To my door came grief one day


We lingered there when twilight fell
Well, we have parted, you and I – and you
We were out on the hills that night
When she was dead
When the pale east glows like a rosy pearl
When the pearly skies of morning flush with dawning rose once more
When winds blow soft from far away
Where the old shores were purple a glossy sea-shell lying
With tears they buried you to-day
With you I shall always be
With you I shall ever be


Yesterday we were young who now are old
You ask me when I loved you first?