Susan Clark

Susan Clark is a Canadian actor. She played Aunt Elizabeth during the first season of the Salter Street Films/Cinar long-form television series Emily of New Moon (1998–1999, 2002–2003). She left the series at the beginning of the second season, at which point her character was lost at sea, but returned in a third-season episode as a new character, Ada Pickett.


Emily of New Moon (1998–1999, 2002–2003)
Ada Pickett

S3E13: A Weaver of Dreams

Emily of New Moon (1998–1999, 2002–2003)
Aunt Elizabeth

S4E07: A Seller of Dreams (Excerpts)

S2E03: A Shadow in His Dream
S2E02: And So Shall They Reap
S2E01: Summer of Sorrows

S1E13: The Sound of Silence
S1E12: A Winter’s Tale
S1E11: A Child Shall Lead Them
S1E10: The Ghost of Wyther Grange
S1E09: Wild Rover
S1E08: The Tale of Duncan McHugh
S1E07: Falling Angels
S1E06: The Enchanted Doll
S1E05: Paradise Lost
S1E04: The Disappointed House
S1E03: The Book of Yesterday
S1E02: Storms of the Heart
S1E01: The Eye of Heaven