The Doctor’s Sweetheart and Other Stories

Editor: Catherine McLay
Paratexts: Preface, Introduction, “Books and Articles on L.M. Montgomery,” “Biography: L.M. Montgomery (Mrs. Ewen Macdonald)” by Catherine McLay
Publisher: McGraw–Hill Ryerson
Date: 1979
Pagination: 192 pp.
Format: Jacketed hardcover
Trim: 6” x 9”
ISBN: 0-07-082790-7

The Doctor’s Sweetheart and Other Stories is a collection of L.M. Montgomery’s rediscovered short stories selected and introduced by Catherine McLay. It contains fourteen short stories that were originally published in periodicals between 1899 and 1935. It was published as a jacketed hardcover by McGraw–Hill Ryerson in 1979, and then reprinted as a mass-market paperback by Seal Books in December 1993.

From the Dust Jacket

Although probably most famous for her novels, including the charming and beloved Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery also wrote hundreds of stories, many of which have never been republished since they originally appeared in the popular magazines of her day.

The Doctor’s Sweetheart and Other Stories is a collection of fourteen delightful examples of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s previously uncollected stories. Many are love stories: tales of reconciliation, of unexpected romance, and sometimes of humorous trickery that results in a match not “made in heaven,” but amusingly down-to-earth. The stories cover a long span of the career of this author, and they have been written with the same charm, delicacy, wit, and perception that readers down the years have come to expect from L.M. Montgomery.

Catherine McLay of the University of Calgary spent countless hours unearthing the stories brought together here for the first time. Her effort is well rewarded by the pleasure to be reaped from meeting the characters who live on these pages—from little Jims, who meets a kindly lady in “The Garden of Spices,” to Doctor John whose sweetheart returns at last.

Includes an introduction by the compiler as well as a biography of L.M. Montgomery and suggestions for further reading.


Preface (6–7)

Introduction (8–25)

Books and Articles on L.M. Montgomery (26)

Biography: L.M. Montgomery (Mrs. Ewen Macdonald) (27–31)

Kismet (33–37)

Emily’s Husband (38–47)

The Girl and the Wild Race (48–57)

The Promise of Lucy Ellen (58–66)

The Parting of the Ways (67–71)

The Doctor’s Sweetheart (72–80)

By Grace of Julius Caesar (81–89)

Akin to Love (90–104)

The Finished Story (105–13)

My Lady Jane (114–23)

Abel and his Great Adventure (124–39)

The Garden of Spices (140–59)

The Bride is Waiting (160–74)

I Know a Secret (175–90)

Books by L.M. Montgomery (n.pag.)


Reviews by Patricia Morley, Mary Rubio, Mary Ainslie Smith, and Valerie Ward.