The Golden Road

The Golden Road (L.C. Page and Company, 1913)“Many who have walked the golden road and perhaps left it behind will in reading this story look backward to their youth.” —Utica Press

The Golden Road is L.M. Montgomery’s sixth book, first published in September 1913 by Boston publisher L.C. Page and Company. A sequel to The Story Girl, it is also the first novel written by Montgomery after her marriage and move to Leaskdale, Ontario, where her husband was a Presbyterian minister. Perhaps not coincidentally, much of the book focuses on the inevitability of change. It was preceded by Chronicles of Avonlea (1912) and followed by Anne of the Island (1915).

This book partly formed the basis for the popular television series Road to Avonlea (1990–1996), as did The Story Girl, Chronicles of Avonlea, and Further Chronicles of Avonlea.


“Life was a rose-lipped comrade / With purple flowers dripping from her fingers.” —The Author


“To the memory of Aunt Mary Lawson who told me many of the tales repeated by the Story Girl.”



1. A New Departure

2. A Will, a Way and a Woman

3. The Christmas Harp

4. New Year Resolutions

5. The First Number of Our Magazine

6. Great-aunt Eliza’s Visit

7. We Visit Cousin Mattie’s

8. We Visit Peg Bowen

9. Extracts from the February and March Numbers of Our Magazine

10. Disappearance of Paddy

11. The Witch’s Wishbone

12. Flowers o’ May

13. A Surprising Announcement

14. A Prodigal Returns

15. The Rape of the Lock

16. Aunt Una’s Story

17. Aunt Olivia’s Wedding

18. Sara Ray Helps Out

19. By Way of the Stars

20. Extracts from Our Magazine

21. Peg Bowen Comes to Church

22. The Yankee Storm

23. A Missionary Heroine

24. A Tantalizing Revelation

25. The Love Story of the Awkward Man

26. Uncle Blair Comes Home

27. The Old Order Changeth

28. The Path to Arcady

29. We Lose a Friend

30. Prophecies

31. The Last Number of Our Magazine

32. Our Last Evening Together

33. The Story Girl Goes