The L.M. Montgomery Library

A Name for Herself: Selected Writings 1891–1917 (temporary cover) A World of Songs: Selected Poems 1894–1921 (temporary cover)

The L.M. Montgomery Library is a set of volumes, edited by Benjamin Lefebvre and published by University of Toronto Press, that collects L.M. Montgomery’s extensive periodical work for her worldwide readership in the twenty-first century. Each volume is supplemented by a preface, an afterword, and annotations that provide context for all readers. In addition to a volume of selected writings and a volume of selected poems forthcoming in fall 2018, volumes of Montgomery’s collected stories and collected poems, organized chronologically, are in progress.


A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891–1917 (forthcoming in 2018)
A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894–1921 (forthcoming in 2018)