The Story Girl

The Story Girl (L.C. Page and Company, 1911)
Cover art for The Story Girl, published by L.C. Page and Company in 1911.

The Story Girl is L.M. Montgomery’s fourth book, first published in May 1911 by Boston publisher L.C. Page and Company. The book focuses on eight merry children who spend an enchanted summer in Carlisle, Prince Edward Island, a group led by Sara Stanley, the title protagonist, who is renowned for her gifts in oral storytelling. It was preceded by Kilmeny of the Orchard (1910) and followed by Chronicles of Avonlea (1912), and the characters return in its sequel, The Golden Road (1913).

This book partly formed the basis for the popular television series Road to Avonlea (1990–1996), as did Chronicles of Avonlea, The Golden Road, and Further Chronicles of Avonlea.


“To my cousin Frederica E. Campbell in remembrance of old days, old dreams, and old laughter.”


“She was a form of life and light / That seen, became a part of sight, / And rose, where’ver I turn’d mine eye, / The morning-star of Memory!” – Byron


1. The Home of Our Fathers

2. A Queen of Hearts

3. Legends of the Old Orchard

4. The Wedding Veil of the Proud Princess

5. Peter Goes to Church

6. The Mystery of Golden Milestone

7. How Betty Sherman Won a Husband

8. A Tragedy of Childhood

9. Magic Seed

10. A Daughter of Eve

11. The Story Girl Does Penance

12. The Blue Chest of Rachel Ward

13. An Old Proverb with a New Meaning

14. Forbidden Fruit

15. A Disobedient Brother

16. The Ghostly Bell

17. The Proof of the Pudding

18. How Kissing Was Discovered

19. A Dread Prophecy

20. The Judgment Sunday

21. Dreamers of Dreams

22. The Dream Books

23. Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On

24. The Bewitchment of Pat

25. A Cup of Failure

26. Peter Makes an Impression

27. The Ordeal of Bitter Apples

28. The Tale of the Rainbow Bridge

29. The Shadow Feared of Man

30. A Compound Letter

31. On the Edge of Light and Dark

32. The Opening of the Blue Chest