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A Collector’s Guide to L.M. Montgomery Firsts

A Collector's Guide to L.M. Montgomery Firsts (2009)Authors: Frank Lechowick and Juanita Lechowick
Country: Canada
Publisher: N.p.
Date: 2009
Pagination: viii + 153 pp.
Format: Trade paperback
Trim: 5.5” x 8.75”
ISBN: 978-0-9812099-0-6

A Collector’s Guide to L.M. Montgomery Firsts is a book-length guide, by Frank Lechowick and Juanita Lechowick, to initial editions of L.M. Montgomery’s books published by L.C. Page and Company from 1908 to 1920, McClelland and Stewart from 1916 to 1939, and The Ryerson Press from 1942 to 1953. The book was self-published in 2009.

From the Back Cover

Readers and collectors have treasured L.M. Montgomery’s books for over a hundred years. Yet much uncertainty still remains in the identification of her first editions, particularly those from McClelland & Stewart.

After two decades of research in bookstores and libraries across Canada Frank and Juanita Lechowick have finally solved this puzzle.

This field guide presents the Lechowicks’ findings by pinpointing the distinctive features of the very first US and Canadian editions, both in words and in pictures.

Thus this guide does for Montgomery collectors what Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds does for birders. It enables them to compare the points of any of her books they come across with those of the original publications in order to determine whether it is an actual Canadian or US first edition.

A Collector’s Guide to L.M. Montgomery Firsts also tells the story of how one couple got an education in “old books.” It is sure to appeal both to book collectors and to the many fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery.


Illustrations (n.pag.)

Foreword (n.pag.)

The Quest (1–19)

How to Use This Guide (21)

1908–1920: The First US Editions: L.C. Page & Co. (23)

Anne of Green Gables (25–29)

Anne of Avonlea (31–33)

Kilmeny of the Orchard (35–37)

The Story Girl (39–41)

Chronicles of Avonlea (43–45)

The Golden Road (47–49)

Anne of the Island (51–53)

Further Chronicles of Avonlea (55–57)

1916–1929: The First US Editions: Frederick A. Stokes Co.; The First Canadian Editions: McClelland & Stewart, Ltd. (59–60)

The Watchman (62–65)

Anne’s House of Dreams (66–69)

Rainbow Valley (70–73)

Rilla of Ingleside (74–77)

Emily of New Moon (78–81)

Emily Climbs (82–85)

The Blue Castle (86–89)

Emily’s Quest (90–93)

Magic for Marigold (94–97)

1931–1939: The First US Editions: F.A. Stokes Co.; The First Canadian Editions: M&S, Ltd. (99)

A Tangled Web (100–103)

Pat of Silver Bush (104–7)

Courageous Women (109–11)

Mistress Pat (112–15)

Anne of Windy Poplars (116–19)

Jane of Lantern Hill (120–23)

Anne of Ingleside (124–27)

1942–1953: The First Canadian Editions: The Ryerson Press (129)

Anne of Green Gables (130)

Anne of Avonlea (130)

Anne of the Island (131)

Chronicles of Avonlea (131)

Kilmeny of the Orchard (132)

The Story Girl (132)

The Golden Road (133)

Further Chronicles of Avonlea (133)

Evidence for M&S Firsts (135–44)

Principal References (145)

Other References (146)

Glossary (147–48)

Acknowledgments (149–50)

How to Order This Book (151)

Title Index (153)

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