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A. Wylie Mahon


Profile/Interview (1)

Mahon, A. Wylie. “Miss Montgomery, the Author of the ‘Anne’ Books.” The Canadian Bookman (Toronto), November 1909, 175–76.

Also in Bookseller and Stationer (Toronto), November 1909, 37–38.

Also in Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery, by Alexandra Heilbron, 182–84. Toronto: The Dundurn Group, 2001.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 40–43.

Magazine Item (1)

Mahon, A. Wylie. “The Old Minister in ‘The Story Girl.’” The Canadian Magazine (Toronto), March 1912, 452–54.

Also as “The Old Minister in The Story Girl” in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 114–19.