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After Many Years: Twenty-One “Long-Lost” Stories

Montgomery, L.M. After Many Years: Twenty-One “Long-Lost” Stories. Edited by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christy Woster. Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 2017.

Paratexts: Preface and notes by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christy Woster; foreword by Kate Macdonald Butler

5.75” x 8.25”, xvi + 296 pp., 978-1-7710-8499-4 (trade paperback)

After Many Years: Twenty-One “Long-Lost” Stories is a collection of rediscovered short stories by L.M. Montgomery that was edited by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christy Woster and that features a preface and notes by Collins and Woster as well as a foreword by Kate Macdonald Butler. It consists of twenty-one stories by L.M. Montgomery that were originally published in North American periodicals between 1900 and 1939 and that were discovered by collectors only recently. Published by Nimbus Publishing as a trade paperback in June 2017, the book is dedicated to the memory of co-editor Christy Woster, who died in April 2016.

From the Back Cover

Although best known for creating the spirited Anne Shirley, L.M. Montgomery had a thriving writing career that included many novels and more than five hundred poems and stories.

This collection brings together rare pieces originally published between 1900 and 1939 that haven’t been in print since their initial periodicals. Collins and Woster have carefully curated a mixture of newly discovered stories that showcase all the charm you expect from L.M. Montgomery. With scholarly notes for each piece, this book offers readers a rare glimpse into how Montgomery’s writing developed over the years.


Preface / Carolyn Strom Collins and Christy Woster (vii–xii)

Foreword / Kate Macdonald Butler (xiii–xiv)

The Chivers Light (1900/1924) (1–7)

Elvie’s Necklace (1906) (9–14)

What Happened at Brixley’s (1906) (15–20)

Janie’s Bouquet (1907) (21–25)

Jean’s Birthday Party (1907) (27–30)

Maggie’s Kitten (1907) (31–38)

The Old Homestead (1907) (39–44)

The Pineapple Apron (1908) (45–51)

How Bobby Got to the Picnic (1909) (53–59)

Peter of the Lane (1909) (61–76)

For the Good of Anthony (1910) (77–87)

Our Neighbours at the Tansy Patch (1918) (89–106)

The Matchmaker (1919) (107–24)

The Bloom of May (1921) (125–32)

Hill o’ the Winds (1923) (133–97)

Jim’s House (1926) (199–23)

The Mirror (1931) (225–37)

Tomorrow Comes (1934) (239–56)

The Use of Her Legs (1936) (257–73)

Janet’s Rebellion (1938) (275–81)

More Blessed to Give (1939) (283–90)

Resources (291–92)

Editor Biographies (293–94)

Acknowledgements (295–96)

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