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Among the Shadows: Tales from the Darker Side

Editor: Rea Wilmshurst
Paratext: Introduction by Rea Wilmshurst
Country: Canada
Publisher: McClelland and Stewart (Toronto)
Date: 1990
Pagination: 310 pp.
Format: Jacketed hardcover
Trim: 5.75” x 8.75”
ISBN: 0-7710-6155-2

Among the Shadows: Tales from the Darker Side is the third of eight collections of L.M. Montgomery’s rediscovered short stories edited and introduced by Rea Wilmshurst. It contains nineteen short stories that were originally published in periodicals between 1897 and 1935. The book was preceded by Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans (1988) and Along the Shore: Tales by the Sea (1989) and followed by After Many Days: Tales of Time Passed (1991), Against the Odds: Tales of Achievement (1993), At the Altar: Matrimonial Tales (1994), Across the Miles: Tales of Correspondence (1995), and Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories (1995). It was published as a jacketed hardcover by McClelland and Stewart in April 1990, with a mass-market paperback appearing in June 1992.

From the Back Cover

Among the Shadows: Tales from the Darker Side contains characters and themes that will be a revelation to readers who have encountered only L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Those who have read all her works, however, will recognize the darker thread that has been woven through her other novels and stories. The third volume of rediscovered stories to be printed from Rea Wilmshurst’s collection, Among the Shadows offers nineteen tales: most involve drunkards, petty thieves, embezzlers, murderers, and adulterers; five have a supernatural aspect. But no matter how unusual their type, the characters are endowed with Montgomery’s compassion; poetic justice prevails; and her sense of humour is still in evidence.

Akin to Anne and Along the Shore, the first two volumes in this series, were welcomed by L.M. Montgomery’s fans, eager to relish fresh stories from her pen. Readers will be delighted with the depth and sensitivity revealed by Montgomery in this new collection.


Introduction / Rea Wilmshurst (7–15)

The Closed Door (17–30)

Davenport’s Story (31–37)

The Deacon’s Painkiller (39–53)

Detected by the Camera (55–64)

From Out the Silence (65–77)

The Girl at the Gate (79–85)

The House Party at Smoky Island (87–100)

The Man on the Train (101–12)

The Martyrdom of Estella (113–28)

Min (129–45)

Miriam’s Lover (147–55)

Miss Calista’s Peppermint Bottle (157–66)

The Old Chest at Wyther Grange (167–80)

The Red Room (181–98)

A Redeeming Sacrifice (199–206)

The Redemption of John Churchill (207–16)

Some Fools and a Saint (217–63)

The Tryst of the White Lady (265–84)

White Magic (285–303)

Editorial Note (305–6)

Acknowledgements (307)

Other Books by L.M. Montgomery (309–10)


Reviews by Christy Conte, Peter de Niverville, Elizabeth Rollins Epperly, Dave Jenkinson, Patricia Morley, Michael O. Nowlan, Marilyn Powell, and Linda Rogers.

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