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Anne of Green Gables (Bantam Books, 1987)

This edition of Anne of Green Gables—featuring a photograph of Megan Follows from Sullivan Entertainment’s 1985 miniseries based on the novel—was published by Bantam Books (New York) in 1987 as part of Bantam Classics. A nearly identical edition was published by Seal Books (Toronto) that same year. This edition reprints an earlier Bantam Books edition of the novel, published in 1976.

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Anne of Green Gables (Bantam Books, 1976): cover of 1987 reissue
Cover of the 1987 Bantam Books reissue of Anne of Green Gables (43rd printing), part of the Bantam Classics series. Cover photo by Rob McEwan; copy from the site owner’s personal collection.


L.M. Montgomery


Anne of Green Gables




United States of America

Publisher Location

New York


Bantam Books


Bantam Classics

Publication Date


Format (physical medium, format, dimensions/trim, pagination)

Print, mass-market paperback, 7” x 4 1/8”, x + 309 + 1 pp.

Front Cover Tag

The most beloved, beguiling and timeless heroine in all of fiction

Back Cover Synopsis

“She’ll have to go back.”

The Cuthberts of Green Gables had decided to adopt an orphan—a nice sturdy boy to help Matthew with the farm chores. The orphanage sent a girl instead—a mischievous, talkative redhead who’d be no use at all. She would just have to go back. But the longer Anne was there, the more no one could imagine Green Gables without her.

The Anne Series

Delightful, unpredictable Anne Shirley has been charming readers of all ages, in every part of the world, for over half a century. A bestseller from the moment it was published, the series has allowed generations of children to grow up joyfully right along with Anne. Don’t miss Anne’s further adventures in: ¶ Anne of the IslandAnne of Windy PoplarsAnne’s House of DreamsAnne of InglesideAnne of Avonlea

Now a major television miniseries ¶ as seen on CBC Television and PBS/Wonderworks ¶ from Kevin Sullivan Productions ¶ starring ¶ Megan Follows    Colleen Dewhurst ¶ Special Guest Star ¶ Richard Farnsworth


(i) [Teaser]

“I’ll try and do anything and be anything you want, if you’ll only keep me.”

“Oh, please, Miss Cuthbert, won’t you tell me if you are going to send me away or not? I’ve tried to be patient all the morning, but I really feel that I cannot bear not knowing any longer. It’s a dreadful feeling. Please tell me.”

“Well,” said Marilla, unable to find any excuse for deferring her explanation any longer, “I suppose I might as well tell you. Matthew and I have decided to keep you—that is if you will try to be a good little girl and show yourself grateful. Why, child, whatever is the matter?”

“I’m crying,” said Anne in a tone of bewilderment. “I can’t think why. I’m glad as glad can be. I’m so happy. But can you tell me why I’m crying?”

(ii) [Author’s Books]

Lucy Maud Montgomery fans ¶ will enjoy these other Bantam Books by the author [list includes CA, FCA, SG, GR, BC, MM, JLH, PSB, MP, TW, KO, Akin to Anne, Along the Shore, “The Anne of Green Gables Series” (AGG, AA, AIs, AWP, AHD, AIn, RV, RI), and “The Emily Books” (ENM, EC, EQ)]

(iii) [Title Page, including epigraph]

(iv) [Copyright Page]

(v) [Dedication]

(vi) [Blank]

(vii–viii) Contents

(ix) [Half-Title Page]

(x) [Blank]

(1–309) Chapters 1–38

(n.pag.) [About the Author]

Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on November 30, 1874, in Clifton, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Although few women of that time received a higher education, Lucy attended Prince of Wales College in Charlottestown [sic], P.E.I., and then Dalhousie University in Halifax. At seventeen she went to Nova Scotia to work for a newspaper, the Halifax Chronicle, and wrote for its evening edition, the Echo. But Lucy came back to rural Prince Edward Island to teach, and lived with her grandmother at Cavendish. It is this experience, along with the lives of her farmer and fisherfolk neighbors, that came alive when she wrote her “Anne” books, beginning with Anne of Green Gables in 1908. First published as a serial for a Sunday school paper, Anne of Green Gables quickly became a favorite of readers throughout the world, so much so that L.M. Montgomery published six novels in all featuring Anne Shirley and her family. Lucy Montgomery also wrote the popular Emily of New Moon in 1923 followed by two sequels, and Pat of Silver Bush in 1933 with its sequel. She and her husband, the Rev. Ewen MacDonald [sic], eventually moved to Ontario. L.M. Montgomery died in Toronto in 1942, but it is her early years on lush green Prince Edward Island that live on in the delightful adventures of the impetuous redhead, the stories Mark Twain called “the sweetest creaction of child life yet written.”

Copyright Statement

Copyright 1908 by L. C. Page & Company, Inc.

Copyright renewed 1935 by L. C. Page & Company, Inc. (now Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc.)

Printing History

L. C. Page edition published June 1908
68 printings through 1942

Grosset & Dunlap edition published December 1951

Literary Guild edition published June 1972

Bantam edition / August 1976

Bantam Classic Edition / June 1987

[43rd printing, n.d.]


Dedication and epigraph included.

The inside front cover includes a list of Montgomery’s books under the title “The beloved world of L.M. Montgomery”: AGG, AA, AIs, AWP, AHD, AIn, CA, FCA, ENM, EQ, EC, RI, GR, KO, RV, SG, BC, JLH, MM, MP, PSB, TW.

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Copy of 43rd printing in the site owner’s personal collection.

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