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Anne of Green Gables (Anchor Canada, 2009)

This edition of Anne of Green Gables was published as a trade paperback by Anchor Canada, an imprint of Random House of Canada, in 2009. Although it includes the term “Anniversary Edition” on its cover, it was published one year after the centenary of Anne of Green Gables, which occurred in 2008.

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Cover of /Anne of Green Gables/, by L.M. Montgomery (Anchor Canada, 2009), the bottom two-thirds consisting of an illustrated image with muted colours, of a house with green gables in the background and flowers in the foreground, along with a praise quote attributed to Ann-Marie MacDonald: “Anne shines on. A ’bosom friend’ for our times.” The top third consists of the book's title, the author's name, and the term "Anniversary Edition" against taupe and red backgrounds, and the overall background is pine green.
Cover of an edition of Anne of Green Gables published by Anchor Canada in 2006. Cover design by Jennifer Lum.


L.M. Montgomery


Anne of Green Gables





Publisher Location

Undisclosed [Toronto]


Anchor Canada, an imprint of Random House of Canada

Publication Date



Print, trade paperback with flaps, 5.5” x 8”, x + 385 pp.

From the Jacket Flaps

First published in 1908, Anne of Green Gables was an instant bestseller and has since touched the lives of millions of readers in Canada and around the world. This enduring novel—a twentieth-century literary landmark—reminds us once again of the remarkable artistry of L.M. Montgomery as she sets before us a dazzling gallery of characters, some pretentious or ridiculous, some admirable and moving, all utterly true.

Eleven-year-old Anne Shirley has never known a real home, so when she is sent to live with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert at Green Gables farm, she thinks she’s found one at last. Green Gables is the most beautiful place Anne has ever seen and she knows she wants to stay forever. But a spirited, redheaded chatterbox with a vivid imagination and a quick temper is the last thing the Cuthberts were expecting. The longer Anne stays, however, the harder it is for anyone to imagine Green Gables without her. Her once lonely life becomes peopled with friends, and even Avonlea’s most judgemental townspeople are won over by Anne’s strengths and charm as she matures into a thoughtful, responsible young woman with a true capacity for love and sacrifice.

Richly and indelibly entertaining, Anne of Green Gables continues to enthrall generations of readers.


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(iii) [Title page]

(iv) [Copyright page]

(v) [Dedication]

(vi) [Blank page]

(vii–viii) Contents

(ix) [Epigraph]

(x) [Blank page]

(1–374) [Chapters 1–38]

(375–76) [Blank pages]

(377–83) Lucy Maud Montgomery / Caroline Parry

(384) [Blank page]

(n.pag.) A Note about the Type




Epigraph and dedication included.


Copy of the first printing is in the site owner’s personal collection.

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