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Aunt Maud’s Recipe Book: From the Kitchen of L.M. Montgomery

Aunt Maud’s Recipe Book: From the Kitchen of L.M. Montgomery is a cookbook adapted from L.M. Montgomery’s own recipe book by Elaine Crawford and Kelly Crawford and published by Crawford’s in 1996. It features a preface by Mary Henley Rubio.

From the Dust Jacket

Famous for her Anne of Green Gables and Emily stories, author Lucy Maud Montgomery is less well-known for her love of cooking and her talent in the kitchen.

Her original ledger, treasured in the family for generations was passed down to Elaine Crawford and her daughter Kelly. Aunt Maud’s Recipe Book is a collection of the foods that Montgomery served to her family and friends. Elaine and Kelly have selected a wonderful range of family favourites from L.M. Montgomery’s original recipe ledger.

Included are menus such as “Afternoon Tea at the Manse,” “Growing Up at Green Gables,” and “Down Home Favourites.” From hearty dishes such as Pork Mock Duck, Third Try Beef and Roast Goose to Marion’s Orange Cake, Mrs. MacPherson’s Ginger Snaps and L.M. Montgomery’s son Stuart’s favourite, Mock Cherry Pie.

Recipes are interlaced with family anecdotes, photographs and remembrances of Maud throughout her Norval years. Aunt Maud’s Recipe Book is a historical journey celebrating Canadian cuisine in the early part of the 20th Century.


Preface / Mary Henley Rubio (vii–xi)

Introduction (2–7)

1. Afternoon Tea at the Manse (8–19)

2. A Gracious Formal Dinner (20–33)

3. The Work-a-Day World of a Minister’s Wife (34–51)

4. Summer Lunch and Picnic Fare (52–65)

5. Old Friends Come to the Table (66–79)

6. Down Home Favourites (80–95)

7. Growing Up at Green Gables (96–113)

8. Festive Fare (114–27)

Looking Back (128–30)

Equivalency Tables (133)

Sources for Quotes (134–35)

Acknowledgements (136)

Index (137–40)


Authors: Elaine Crawford and Kelly Crawford
Paratext: Preface by Mary Henley Rubio
Country: Canada
Publisher: Crawford’s (Norval, ON)
Date: 1996
Pagination: xii + 140 pp.
Format: Jacketed hardcover
Trim: 6.5” x 10”
ISBN: 0-9685984-0-4

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