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Blank Verse? “Very Blank,” Said Father

Blank Verse? “Very Blank,” Said Father is a short memoir, appearing in the Winnipeg Evening Tribune in December 1921, about Montgomery’s growth as a poet, culminating in her first published poem, “On Cape Le Force.” Montgomery’s “Scrapbook of Reviews” includes an unidentified and undated clipping of a slightly different version of this piece, entitled “My Greatest Moment.” It is reprinted in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 1: A Life in Print.


Montgomery, L.M. “Blank Verse? ‘Very Blank,’ Said Father.” Winnipeg Evening Tribune, 3 December 1921, Magazine Section, 3. Also, with minor variations, as “My Greatest Moment,” unidentified and undated clipping (ca. 1921), in Montgomery, “Scrapbook of Reviews,” 195.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, Volume 1: A Life in Print, 180–81.

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