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New Book on Montgomery and Conflict

A new collection of essays, entitled Storm and Dissonance: L.M. Montgomery and Conflict and edited by Jean Mitchell, will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2008. Stay tuned for a release date, but in the meantime here is the table of contents.

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Storm and Dissonance: L.M. Montgomery and Conflict / Jean Mitchell

Part 1: Narrating Self and Other

L.M. Montgomery: The Darker Side / Margaret Doody

L.M. Montgomery and the Anguish of Mother Loss / Rita Bode

L.M. Montgomery and the Conflictedness of a Woman Writer / Carole Gerson

Part 2: A World of Conflict and Private Sorrows

Women at War: L.M. Montgomery, the Great War, and Canadian Cultural Memory / Andrea McKenzie

“That Abominable War”: The Blythes Are Quoted and Thoughts on L.M. Montgomery’s Late Style / Benjamin Lefebvre

Opposing Pacifism: L.M. Montgomery and the Trouble with Ephraim Weber / Paul Tiessen

Reflections of the Great Depression in L.M. Montgomery’s Life and Her Pat Books / Heidi MacDonald

Part 3: Performing Difference(s)

“Tempest in a Teapot”: Domestic Service and Class Conflict in L.M. Montgomery’s Journals and Fiction / E. Holly Pike

Performing Motherhood: L.M. Montgomery’s Display of Maternal Dissonance / Margaret Steffler

Montgomery’s “Imp”: Conflicting Representations of Illness in L.M. Montgomery’s The Blue Castle / Kylee-Anne Hingston

The Fresh-Air Controversy, Health, and Art in L.M. Montgomery’s Emily Novels / Susan Meyer

Sustainable Dissonance: Becoming-Anne through L.M. Montgomery and Sullivan’s Anne of Green Gables / Pamela Rossi-Keen

Love and Controversy for Over Eighty Years: Anne, Emily, and Finnish Women: An Interview / Suvi Ahola and Satu Koskimies

Part 4: Avoiding, Mediating, and Resolving Conflicts

Out the Open Window: Avoidance as Conflict Resolution in L.M. Montgomery’s Short Fiction / Trinna S. Frever

You d—d idiot!” What L.M. Montgomery’s Silent Heroines Really Want to Say / Sarah Clair Atkinson

The Conflicted Worlds behind the Letters of L.M. Montgomery and Ephraim Weber / Hildi Froese Tiessen

“Even a Successful Lawsuit Will Be a Worry”: Law and Community Relations in L.M. Montgomery’s Life and Work / Kate Sutherland

Part V: Troubling, Translations and Dissonant Re-readings

“‘Outrageously Sexual’ Anne”: The Media and Montgomery / Laura Robinson

Conflicting Images: Anne of Green Gables in Germany / Martina Seifert

Hanako Muraoka’s Famous and Truncated Translation of Anne of Green Gables: Some Lingering Questions / Danièle Allard

“Bound for Quebec” or “Journey’s End”? Conflicting Stories about the Montgomery Family’s Arrival in Prince Edward Island / Carolyn Strom Collins

How Green is Green Gables?: An Ecofeminist Perspective on L.M. Montgomery / Nancy Holmes


What Occurs: Storm, Dissonance, and Conflict in L.M. Montgomery’s Life and Writing / Jane Ledwell


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