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Emily of New Moon Complete Fourth Season, Complete Series

More Emily of New Moon DVD news! According to a post on, Emily of New Moon: The Complete Fourth Season will be released on DVD in Canada on 20 July 2010! In the United States, Echo Bridge Home Entertainment will continue with The Complete Third Season, The Complete Fourth Season, and The Complete Series, all available on 1 June.

I frequently get messages from people asking when the rest of the series will be released on DVD, so I’m happy to spread the word, especially since the latter two seasons of Emily of New Moon aired sporadically on the CBC more than three years (2002-2003) after the first two seasons (1998-1999) did.

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  1. Benjamin Lefebvre

    You’d have to contact the channel directly to find out when they plan to air the rest of the episodes. The entire series is also available on DVD, so that’s another option.

  2. Shannon

    I was wondering when the 3rd season of Emily of New Moon will be coming out on channel THIS TV. I’ve watched the 1st & 2nd seasons twice already! I really want to see the next series, it’s driving me nuts!!!!

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