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Rilla Notes 3

Included in our edition of Rilla of Ingleside is a bonus section entitled “Canadian Women’s Poetry of the First World War,” which contains the full text of two rarely seen poems that, like the novel, focus on the women at home who watched husbands, sons, brothers, friends, and neighbours go off to fight overseas. L.M. Montgomery’s poem “Our Women” was first published in the collection of poems Canadian Poems of the Great War (1918). Also included in this anthology is a poem called “The Young Knights” by Montgomery’s Ontario contemporary, Virna Sheard, whose work is virtually unknown today. Montgomery selected the first stanza of Sheard’s poem as her epigraph to Rilla of Ingleside.


  1. Sarah Gladwell

    I’m a Reference Librarian in Saint John NB and I am looking for a poem by LMM about the Wreck of the Marco Polo. I understand there is an essay on the topic, but it is a poem that our patron is after. I am searching, but if anyone can find it more quickly I will gladly accept the help! Thank you!

  2. Benjamin Lefebvre

    Hi Sarah,

    You’ll find a copy of it in The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album, compiled by Kevin McCabe and published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside, along with some essays on it. There was also a picture book version of Montgomery’s poem published a few years ago.

    Best wishes,

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