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Welcome Wagon Redux

Given that today is the first day of L.M. Montgomery and War, the 11th biennial conference hosted by the L.M. Montgomery Institute of the University of Prince Edward Island (an event that I am co-chairing with Andrea McKenzie), it seemed like the best time to launch this site, a new, expanded incarnation of the L.M. Montgomery Research Group that appeared in 2007.

This site continues to offer users resources pertaining to L.M. Montgomery’s life, work, and legacy, including editions of her books, scholarship, and textual transformations in the form of extensions, adaptations, and translations. My plan is to add more items from my personal collection, particularly more recent editions of Montgomery’s books, and eventually I will invite fellow Montgomery collectors to contribute details about books and other items from their own collections. Given the vast amount of materials out there, and the fact that interest in Montgomery’s life and work continues to grow, this website will never be “done,” but rather will continue to expand over time. If you find a dead link or an error, please let me know. You can also find the site on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

I’ve been looking forward to the conference, part of a series of biennial conferences that started in 1994 (and that I’ve attended since 1996). Two years ago, at the conference on L.M. Montgomery and Cultural Memory, four of my friends contributed blog posts about the conference, each covering the events of a single day. I’m hoping to replicate that this year, and you can also follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #lmmi14.

Ben with Anne at the Charlottetown airport
Ben with Anne at the Charlottetown airport

I have been on the Island since last Friday, and have enjoyed getting reacquainted with familiar friends and places as well as experiencing this year’s production of the musical Anne and Gilbert. I’ve been coming here so long that, in a way, it feels a bit like I’ve come home.

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