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Journal Articles: New and Not So New

A number of new and not-so-new items have been added recently to the list of journal articles on this website. These include recent scholarship by Brian BergstromPaige Gray, Aoife Emily Hart, Katja Lee, André Narbonne, Wendy Roy, Michelle Smith, and Akiko Uchiyama. Now that back issues of journals are being digitized and made text-searchable, it is now easier to find items that are not specifically on L.M. Montgomery’s work but that mention her work in the context of broader studies, hence the inclusion of not-so-recent items by Kerstin Fest, Michael Greenstein, Glenn Loney, Leonard R. Mendelsohn, Charlene Morton, Claudia Nelson, Suzanne Rahn, Candida Rifkind, Catherine Sheldrick Ross, Joe Sutliff Sanders, and Peter Stoneley.