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Animation of Recent Anne of Green Gables Cover Art

An animated version of Siobhán Gallagher’s cover art for the recent Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition of Anne of Green Gables (whose text I prepared and introduced) appeared on Twitter earlier this week, showing that not even Anne is immune to all this cold!

Cover art of the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, embedded in a tweet along with a "play" button.

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  1. Michelle Horgan

    That was very cute! This winter I’m rereading all of L.M books. I’m lucky enough to be able to read from a few first editions and as I turn the old pages I pretend I am opening it for the first time in the year it was published.

    The feelings I (and I am sure many others) get from the world of L.M’s imagination have in some way changed my perspective on how I deal with issues in life. Finding a positive spin …Anne’s way always makes anything better.

    Enjoy this Winter!! Where I am, we have a few feet of snow here in Ontario. It is truly a beautiful and magical sight.

    Kindest Regards,
    Michelle H

    • Benjamin Lefebvre

      Thanks very much for your comment, Michelle! You’re very fortunate to have access to earlier editions, since many of the editions currently available aren’t entirely reliable (mainly updated hyphenation and punctuation, but in some cases a few cuts here and there). This Penguin edition of Green Gables contains the full text as originally published in 1908, and while it does make some minor corrections, it lists all of them so that readers know exactly what it is they’re reading. Before the holidays I reread Emily of New Moon and its sequels and found them as compelling as ever.

      Have you read any of Montgomery’s journals? She wasn’t always able to put into practice what she modelled in her novels, but they are worthwhile reading nonetheless. If you did decide to give them a try, I’d recommend starting at the beginning, with an edition of her journals written from the ages of fourteen to her early twenties, which was recently rereleased in paperback.

      Thanks again for your comment!


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