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The Blythes Are Quoted: Penguin Modern Classics Edition Now Available

Cover art for The Blythes Are Quoted: Penguin Modern Classics Edition

Happy book birthday to the Penguin Modern Classics Edition of L.M. Montgomery’s rediscovered final book, The Blythes Are Quoted! Completed by Montgomery shortly before her death in 1942 as a final sequel to Anne of Green Gables and first published in its entirety in 2009, this book features a blend of short fiction, poetry, and vignettes that shows the contrast between the dynamics between Anne and her family members and how they’re perceived by outsiders. Divided in two parts, one set before and one after the Great War of 1914–1918, the book consists of Montgomery’s final word about a number of preoccupations in her earlier books, including war, family, romance, and childhood.

This edition includes the full text of the 2009 edition, along with an updated introduction and suggestions for further reading by me and an updated afterword by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly. It is available primarily across Canada, but it can be ordered through and, both of which ship worldwide.

“[T]his re-acquaintance with the voice of L.M. Montgomery is marvellously satisfying. . . . Lefebvre’s patient and meticulous scholarship has resulted in this fascinating volume, a gift to insatiable followers of Anne Shirley’s story.”
Aritha van Herk, The Globe and Mail


    • Benjamin Lefebvre

      Your best bet is to order a copy from, which ships worldwide – although I have no idea what they would charge to ship to Australia!

      Best wishes,

  1. Annemarie

    I love this book – I always felt thankful there was one final chapter in the Anne saga.
    I have to be in the right mindset to read it, but find it so beautiful. It’s still full of hope, despite the obvious loss and pain Anne was still suffering because of Walter … and the sadness Gilbert felt because he saw his beloved struggle.
    Im excited to read this new edition. Do you think it will be available on Kindle?

    • Benjamin Lefebvre

      Thanks so much for your comment, Annemarie! I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the Kindle edition—whether it will keep to the 2009 edition or eventually incorporate the updates made in this edition. L.M. Montgomery’s text, of course, is entirely the same.

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