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Cover Reveal: Twice upon a Time

It is with great pleasure that I share with you today the cover of Twice upon a Time: Selected Stories, 1898–1939, which will be published in spring 2022 as the third volume in The L.M. Montgomery Library. Because the book collects twenty-five stories that include early incarnations of well-known characters, storylines, conversations, and settings from Montgomery’s novels, I am thrilled that the cover art repurposes details from the first-edition covers of Anne of Avonlea and Chronicles of Avonlea (both of which were drawn by George Gibbs, whose work is featured on the cover of the original edition of Anne of Green Gables as well), especially since the placement of the framed images gives the impression that the Anne on the left is looking over her shoulder at the Anne on the right.

Twice upon a Time can now be pre-ordered from a number of vendors, including at a substantial discount from University of Toronto Press, or from your favourite bookseller.


  1. Susan Croll

    Thank you, Ben. I look forward to reading it. In the past, I have enjoyed finding incarnations of stories or characters from her books in short stories. One that stands out in my memory is finding the tale of Captain Jim’s “lost Margaret” (perhaps under different names — I read the story so long ago that I forget) in a short story. I just made a request to my library to add the book to their collection, so that it can be available to Montgomery fans in my community. And I love the cover!

    • Benjamin Lefebvre

      Thanks for your comment, Susan. Yes, the story you’re referring to is called “The Life-Book of Uncle Jesse,” and it’s also included in the volume. But the book also includes another early Captain Jim story that’s republished in book form for the first time! Glad you like the cover and thank you for requesting it through your library!

  2. Mark Bushell

    Thank you Benjamin. As a UK (Portsmouth) addict of LM Montgomery I welcome this. Currently reading “The Blythes are Quoted” but hungry for more. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

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