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Spotlight on International Scholarship (Preamble)

Every once in a while, I consult a variety of online sources (including search engines available to researchers through university libraries) to ensure that this website’s lists of materials pertaining to L.M. Montgomery—particularly book-length studies, book-length extensions, journal articles, book chapters, paratexts, dissertations/theses, and reviews—are as complete and up to date as possible. Not only are new contributions to the field of L.M. Montgomery studies being published all the time, but also, as search engines expand their reach and as more and more older print materials are digitized and thereby made text searchable, I frequently have the pleasure of discovering older items that I missed.

Recently, I stumbled upon several contributions that so far had escaped me, by virtue of the fact that they were not in English. But because most of them had been published in journals that offer English translations of titles and abstracts, I was still able to understand each item’s approach and argument.

Because I run this website on my own time, it isn’t possible for me to expand the scope of this website beyond materials available in English or in French. Instead, as a way to count down to the anniversary of Montgomery’s birth on November 30, I am going to publish a series of blog posts that offer a spotlight on a selection of international contributions to Montgomery scholarship published in the last five years or so, as a way to help fellow English-speaking readers and researchers get a better sense of international scholarship about Montgomery’s life, work, and legacy.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog to receive future blog posts via email, and please feel free to contact me if there are any materials that I have missed—including your own!

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  1. Lawrin A. Knudson

    Thank you for this info! I am especially interested in the Complete Journals of L.M. Montgomery. I have or have read all of them through the year of 1933. (I’ve also read all of her novels, many short stories, and some poems). If there is ever another Complete Journal that is published, which covers a period after 1933, I would definitely like to know about it.

    • Benjamin Lefebvre

      Thanks very much for your comment, Lawrin! I’m not involved in the editing of Montgomery’s journals, so I have no insight to offer on when later volumes of her complete journals might be published. In the meantime, copies of the fourth and fifth volumes of The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, which cover the years 1929 to 1942, are likely still available. They were published in hardcover by Oxford University Press in 1998 and 2004 and were subsequently released in paperback as well.

      As soon as I become aware of any forthcoming volume of Montgomery’s life writing, I will certainly add it to this website.

  2. Lawrin A. Knudson

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I thought the Select Journals only went through the year 1935.

    Lawrin Knudson

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