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Category: Material Culture

Six String Nation Guitar and LMM

Yuka got a GOOGLE alert about the Six String Nation Guitar and LMM, and asked me to get more info.

For those of you who don’t know about the guitar (from Six String Nation):

The Six String Nation is a movement to connect people from all regions of Canada through music and by sharing our icons, images and stories.

The Six String Nation guitar is at the heart of the movement. The guitar is made of more than 60 pieces that are significant aspects of history or culture from across the country.

The media kit adds:

PEI—Cavendish Wood from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s family house & post office. Many “Green Gables” pilgrims to PEI confuse the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, with her fictional “Anne”. Lucy Maud was born on the same day as Winston Churchill and raised by her maternal grandparents, Alexander Marquis Macneill and Lucy Woolner Macneill in Cavendish. They were postmasters of the town. Maud as she was known worked in the office—often intercepting her own publishers rejection notices of her early pre-Anne of Green Gables stories before the town got wind. This is a piece of wood from that house/post office.

Of course, Yuka wonders where the wood came from, since the house was taken down around 1920:

I had a letter from Cavendish to-day in which the writer said that Uncle John was tearing down the old house. It gave me a nasty pang. yet it might as well be–it was falling into ruin. Yet–that dear, old beloved spot–my old room–to go into nothingness. (Friday April 23, 1920; Selected Journals, Vol. II)

So, it has NOT gone into nothingness after all! Anyone know who might have donated the bit of the house itself?