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Category: Reviews

Rilla of Ingleside Reviewed in CM

Rilla of Ingleside (Viking Canada, 2010)

My co-edited edition of Rilla of Ingleside has received a glowing review by Aileen Wortley in CM: Canadian Review of Materials:

This attractive re-issue, edited so ably by Benjamin Lefebvre and Andrea McKenzie, . . . is an essential purchase for all libraries, a wonderful read for adults and youth aged 12 and up and a great resource for students of World War I. Highly recommended.

Read the full review. Visit the book’s official website. Visit the book’s official Facebook page.

Book Review: Epperly, Wilson, Gammel

My review of three new Anne books—Imagining Anne: The Island Scrapbooks of L.M. Montgomery, by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly; Before Green Gables, by Budge Wilson; and Looking for Anne: How Lucy Maud Montgomery Dreamed Up a Literary Classic, by Irene Gammel—appears in today’s The Globe and Mail on pages D1 and D9 of the Books section.

UPDATE: The review is no longer freely available on the Globe and Mail website, but the full text of the review can be found here.