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Tag: Dudley Herald

Montgomery Review 13: Jane of Lantern Hill

Cover art for Jane of Lantern Hill, published by McClelland and Stewart (Canada) and Frederick A. Stokes (USA) in 1936.

Reviewers throughout the world raved about Montgomery’s late novel Jane of Lantern Hill, published in 1937:

“[Montgomery] has the knack of making the reader instantly at home with the characters and the places—all so affectionately described, in such vivid, simple atmosphere, with such apt descriptions and animated natural dialogue. Jane’s escape from the repressive grandeur of 60 Gay St. and her adventures on the Island are the focus of the story; but the old grandmother is quite as fascinating as Jane.” —Toronto Daily Star

“This book may rate as a juvenile, but older people will perhaps appreciate its sentiment more than their juniors.” —Springfield (MA) Sunday Union and Republican

“[The novel] reveals a remarkable understanding of human emotions, joys and sorrows.” —Dudley Herald (UK)

“As in Miss Montgomery’s other novels, there is a freshness, a naturalness and a charm about this that, with its humour, makes it delightful to read.” —Auckland Star (New Zealand)