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Tag: Magic for Marigold

Montgomery Ad 1: Magic for Marigold

When a book is published, a book review is one way to draw the public’s attention; advertising is another. Starting today on L.M. Montgomery Online, we’re going to look at some of the ways in which L.M. Montgomery’s novels were advertised throughout her career, both in daily newspapers and in periodicals that were devoted to sustaining the book industry.

To start, here is an ad for Magic for Marigold that was published in the Toronto Globe (which would merge in the 1930s with The Mail and Empire, thus forming The Globe and Mail). It happened to appear on Montgomery’s fifty-fifth birthday.

Ad for Magic for Marigold, published in The Globe (Toronto, ON), 30 November 1929, 22.

Montgomery Review 4: Magic for Marigold

Cover art for Magic for Marigold, published by McClelland and Stewart (Canada) and Frederick A. Stokes (USA).

“It would be too bad if anyone should think of this as a children’s book and so miss it, for while it is that, it is much more. It has character analysis, accurate genetic psychology, poetic quality, and a style. Also it makes you laugh, makes you cry; the spirit of it is contagious.” —Mary Hinkley, Chicago Evening Post