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Mollie Gillen, 1908–2009

The following article by Sandra Martin appears in today’s Globe and Mail, concerning Mollie Gillen, author of The Wheel of Things: The Life of L.M. Montgomery, who died in Toronto on 3 January 2009, at the age of 100:

Mollie Gillen was a war bride and aspiring writer who went on to become the author of The Wheel of Things, an early biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

An Australian by birth, she immigrated to Canada from England after the Second World War and began her writing career as an information officer in Ottawa. After moving to Toronto, she worked for many years as an editor and staff writer at Chatelaine.

Her books also include The Masseys: Founding Family; The Prince and His Lady; The Assassination of the Prime Minister; The Search for John Small; and The Founders of Australia: A Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet.

Mollie Gillen was born Mollie Woolnough, on Nov. 1, 1908, in Sydney, Australia. She died on Jan. 3, 2009, in Scarborough General Hospital in Toronto. She was 100. She is survived by her daughter, Barbara Gillen. She also leaves a sister, and her extended family.

Please click here for the full article. A full obituary should appear soon.

Poland Joins Worldwide Celebrations of the Birth Centenary of Anne Shirley

From Polskie Radio

Poland joins worldwide celebrations of the birth centenary of Anne Shirley, the heroine of a series of books by the Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery.
Anne of Green Gables, the first book of the series, was published on 20 June 1908.
The Krakow-based Wydawnictwo Literackie Literary Publishers, the Polish publisher of Montgomery’s books, organizes a special event on the eve of the anniversary.
It also sponsors a literary festival which comprises workshops for teachers, several competitions for children and a major exhibition at the Jagiellonian Library March-June.
The Literary Publishers is also to bring out a Polish translation of Mollie Gillen’s biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Ann of Green Gables has been translated into 36 languages. mk

For those who don’t know Mollie, who is a friend of ours, please check out Dr Mollie Gillen’s Homepage that Yuka runs.

Doris Anderson (1921-2007)

Yuka writes:

Hello everyone,

I’m shocked to learn that Canadian feminist icon Doris Anderson passed away on the 2nd at St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto. She was an influential editor for Chatelaine magazine from 1957 to 77.

I met & talked with her only once at her house at Mollie Gillen’s 90th birthday party in 1998.

Mollie often told me that because Doris asked her to write an article on LMM, Mollie started to read LMM’s books and that eventually Mollie located the now famous bunch of letters written by LMM to Mr Macmillan in Scotland.

“When she (Anderson) took it (Chatelaine) over, it had a circulation of 480,000. Within a decade it was being read by 1.8 million women–‘One of every three in Canada’ as she claims.” (Rebel daughter’s anger simmers by Allan Fotheringham. The Calgary Sunday Sun, Sept. 29, 1996)

So, Mollie’s article on LMM appeared in such a popular magazine and received high praise from the readers. Based on the short article, Mollie developed a biography of LMM, The Wheel of Things which was published in 1975.

I saw Doris at the LMM conference in 94 and learned that Doris was a friend of Adrian Clarkson (former Governor General) who is a fan of LMM and made a brilliant speech at the conference. The speech is published in Gammel and Epperly’s L.M. Montgomery and Canadian Culture (1999).

If Doris didn’t pay attention to LMM in the 70s, Mollie would not have thought about writing the biography, let alone reading LMM’s books. I learned a life of LMM through “The wheel of things”.

To me, as an enthusiast of LMM, I would like to thank Doris Anderson sincerely.

Yuka Kajihara