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Tag: The Canadian Bookman

Montgomery Review 3: Rainbow Valley

Cover art for Rainbow Valley, published by McClelland and Stewart (Canada) and Frederick A. Stokes Company (USA) in August 1919.

“Beneath the elusiveness and the atmospheric charm of the Montgomery tales there is a wonderful firmness of character-drawing. She never repeats herself; every adult and every youngster whom she introduces is sketched before the reader’s mind in a few lines, by little character-revealing actions and utterances, and every one is distinct and separate and consistent. Every novelist knows how difficult it is to make children stand out as human individuals, but in these three hundred pages or so Miss Montgomery does this for ten or a dozen of the most lovable and scandalous youngsters who ever got together in one volume. They elbow into the background a bunch of adults who would be interesting enough if the youngsters were not so much more so; and they leave us with a determination to get a sequel out of their author by hook or by crook, so that we may find out what becomes of them after they grow up and the Great War has come to darken their young lives. —The Canadian Bookman (Ste. Anne de Bellevue, QC)