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Aberdeen (UK) Press and Journal


Advertiser-Journal (Auburn, NY)

ALA Booklist. See Booklist

Alloa (UK) Journal

The Altoona Mirror (Altoona, PA)

The American Jewish Chronicle (New York, NY)

The American Messenger (New York)

American Review of Canadian Studies

The American Scholar

Annals of Tourism Research

The Antigonish Review


The Argus (Melbourne, Australia)

Ariel: A Review of International English Literature

The Athenaeum (London, UK)

Athens Banner–Herald (Athens, GA)

Atlanta Christian Index (Atlanta, GA)

The Atlantic Advocate (Fredericton, NB)

Atlantic Books Today (Halifax, NS)

The Atlantic Provinces Book Review

Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal / Revue d’études sur les femmes

The Auckland Star (Auckland, New Zealand)

The Aurora Era (Aurora, ON)

The Australasian (Melbourne, Australia)

Australian Canadian Studies

Australian Christian World (Sydney, Australia)

Auto/biography Studies

The Avalanche Journal (Lubbock, TX)

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The Baltimore American

The Baltimore Sun

Barnboken: Journal of Children’s Literature Research

Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, Australia)

The Bellman (Minneapolis, MN)


Booklist (Chicago, IL)

The Bookman (London, UK)

The Bookman (New York, NY)

The Book News Monthly (Philadelphia, PA)

Bookseller and Stationer (Toronto)

The Bookseller and Stationer (New York, NY)

The Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer (New York, NY)

Books in Canada (Toronto, ON)

The Border Cities Star (Windsor, ON)

Boston Advertiser (Boston, MA)

The Boston Budget and Beacon (Boston, MA)

Boston Evening Transcript (Boston, MA)

The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)

The Boston Journal (Boston, MA)

The Boston Herald (Boston, MA)

The Boston Post (Boston, MA)

The Boston Traveler (Boston, MA)

The Boston Watchman (Boston, MA)

Breezy Stories (New York)


The Brisbane Courier (Brisbane, Australia)

British Journal of Canadian Studies

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY)

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

The Buxton Advertiser (Buxton, UK)

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The Calgary Herald (Calgary, AB)

The Calgary Herald Magazine (Calgary, AB)

Camden Evening Courier (Camden, NJ)

The Canadian Author

The Canadian Author and Bookman

The Canadian Bookman (Gardenvale, QC/Ste. Anne de Bellevue, QC/Toronto, ON)

Canadian Children’s Literature / Littérature canadienne pour la jeunesse

The Canadian Churchman (Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Countryman (Toronto)

The Canadian Courier (Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Forum (Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Historical Review

Canadian Home Journal (Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Literary Society of Japan

Canadian Literature

The Canadian Magazine (Toronto)

Canadian Review of American Studies / Revue canadienne d’études américaines

Canadian Theatre Review

Canadian Woman Studies / Les cahiers de la femme

The Canberra Times (Canberra, Australia)

CANTEXT: The Newsletter of the BACS Literature Group

The Canton Repository (Canton, OH)

Cape Times (Cape Town, South Africa)

The Carroll Times (Carroll, Iowa)

The Catholic Standard (Philadelphia, PA)

The Catholic World (New York, NY)

The Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA)

The Charlottetown Guardian. See The Guardian (Charlottetown, PE)

The Charlottetown Patriot. See The Patriot (Charlottetown, PE)

The Chatelaine

The Chautauquan (Jamestown, NY)

Chicago Continent (Chicago, IL)

The Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, IL)

Chicago Evening Post (Chicago, IL)

The Chicago Evening Post Literary Review (Chicago, IL)

Chicago Record–Herald (Chicago, IL)

Children’s Literature

Children’s Literature Association Quarterly

Children’s Literature in Education

The Christian Advocate (New York, NY)

The Christian Endeavor World (Boston)

The Christian Guardian (Toronto, ON)

Christianity and Literature

The Christian Register (Boston, MA)

The Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA)

The Christian Work and the Evangelist (New York, NY)

Christian World (London, UK)

The Chronicle–Herald (Halifax, NS)

The Church of England Newspaper (London, UK)

Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH)

Civil and Military Gazette (Lahore, India)

CM: A Reviewing Journal of Canadian Materials for Young People / CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Collection Building

The College Record (Charlottetown)

The College Times

Colorado Springs Gazette (Colorado Springs, CO)

Columbia Journal of Gender and Law

Common Sense (Chicago, IL)

Cordially Yours

Compass: A Jesuit Journal

The Congregationalist (Boston)

The Congregationalist and Christian World (Boston, MA)

Conrad Grebel Review

The Constitution (Atlanta, GA)


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The Daily Capital News and Post–Tribune (Jefferson City, MO)

The Daily Graphic (London, UK)

The Daily Picayune (New Orleans, LA)

The Daily Times (Otago, New Zealand)

The Dalhousie Gazette (Halifax)

The Dalhousie Review

The Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX)

The Davenport Democrat and Leader (Davenport, IA)

The Defender (Boston, MA)

The Delineator (New York)

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY)

Denton Record–Chronicle (Denton, TX)

The Designer (New York)

The Dial (New York, NY)

Donahoe’s Magazine (Boston)

Dudley Herald (Dudley, UK)

The Duluth News Tribune (Duluth, MN)

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East and West: A Paper for Young Canadians (Toronto)

Eastern Western Review (Boston, MA)

Edinburgh Evening News (Edinburgh, UK)

The Editor: The Journal of Information for Literary Workers (Franklin, OH/Fort Montgomery, NY/Highland Falls, NY)

The Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, AB)

Education (Boston, MA)

Educational Theatre Journal

Elm Street (Toronto, ON)

El Paso Times (El Paso, TX)


The Englishman (Calcutta, India)

The English Quarterly

The English Review (London, UK)

English Studies in Canada

Essays on Canadian Writing

Evansville Courier (Evansville, IN)

The Evening Independent (Massillon, OH)

The Evening Missourian (Columbia, MO)

The Evening News (San Jose, CA)

The Evening Post (New York, NY)

The Evening Post (Wellington, New Zealand)

Evening Public Ledger (Philadelphia, PA)

The Evening Star (Washington, DC)

Everywoman’s World (Toronto, ON)

The Examiner (Launceston, Australia)

The Explicator

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The Family Herald and Weekly Star (Montreal, QC)

Farmers’ Magazine (Toronto, ON)

The Farm Journal (Philadelphia)

The Feilding Star (Feilding, New Zealand)

Financial Post Magazine (Toronto, ON)

First World War Studies


Foreign Literature Studies / Wai Guo Wen Xue Yan Jiu

Fort Worth Star–Telegram (Fort Worth, TX)

49th Parallel

The Fourth Estate (New York, NY)

The Free Press (London, ON). See The London Free Press (London, ON)

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The Gazette (Montreal, QC)

The Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON)

The Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, UK)

Glasgow News (Glasgow, UK)

The Globe (London, UK)

The Globe (Toronto, ON)

The Globe and Mail (Toronto, ON)

Gothic Studies

Grand Rapids Herald (Grand Rapids, MI)

Grand Rapids Press (Grand Rapids, MI)

Greensboro News (Greensboro, NC)

Growing Point

The Guardian (Charlottetown, PE)

The Guardian (London, UK)

The Guelph Mercury (Guelph, ON)

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Halifax Daily Echo

Halifax Herald

The Hamilton Herald (Hamilton, ON)

The Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton, ON)

The Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT)

The Hartford Times (Hartford, CT)

The Havana Post (Havana, Cuba)

Hennebec Journal (Augusta, ME)


History of Education Review

Home Needlework Magazine (Florence, MA)

The Horn Book Magazine


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The Idaho Daily Statesman (Boise, ID)

Idaho Evening Times (Twin Falls, ID)

The Independent (New York, NY)

The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, IN)

In Review: Canadian Books for Children

Insurance and Commercial Magazine (New York, NY)

International Journal of Canadian Studies / Revue internationale d’études canadiennes

The Island Crusader (Charlottetown, PE)

The Island Magazine

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Jacksonville Journal (Jacksonville, IL)

Japan Forum

Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures

Journal (John O’Groats, UK)

Journal of American Culture

Journal of Canadian Fiction

Journal of Canadian Studies / Revue d’études canadiennes

The Journal of Education (Boston, MA)

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies

Journal of Mennonite Studies

The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies

The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth

Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

Journal–Tribune (Williamsburg, IA)

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Kansas City Post (Kansas City, KS)

The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO)

Kindergarten Review (Springfield, MA)

Kirkus Reviews (New York, NY)

The Kitchener–Waterloo Record. See The Record (Kitchener–Waterloo, ON)

Knickerbocker Press (Albany, NY)

Komparatistische Hefte

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The Ladies’ Journal (Toronto)

The Lady (London, UK)

Law, Culture and the Humanities

The Lethbridge Herald (Lethbridge, AB)

The Lewiston Daily Sun (Lewiston, ME)

Lexington (KY) Herald

Library Trends

Life (New York, NY)

The Lion and the Unicorn

Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine (Philadelphia)

Literature and Theology

The Literary Review (New York, NY)

Literary Review of Canada (Toronto, ON)

Liverpool Courier (Liverpool, UK)

The Liverpool Daily Post (Liverpool, UK)

The Living Age (New York, NY)

London Daily News (London, UK)

The London Free Press (London, ON)

London Post (London, UK)

The Looking Glass: New Perspectives on Children’s Literature

Los Angeles Herald (Los Angeles, CA)

The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA)

The Louisville Post (Louisville, KY)

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Maclean’s (Toronto, ON)

The Mail and Empire (Toronto, ON)

Manchester Leader (Manchester, NH)

Manitoba Free Press (Winnipeg)

The Maritime Advocate and Busy East (Sackville, NB)

The McCook Tribune (McCook, NE)

McGill Law Journal / Revue de droit de McGill


The Modern Priscilla (Boston)

Modern Language Review

The Montreal Daily Herald (Montreal, QC)

The Montreal Daily Star (Montreal, QC)

The Montreal Gazette. See The Gazette (Montreal, QC)

Montreal Daily Witness

Montreal News (Montreal, QC)

Montreal Witness (Montreal, QC)

Montrose Standard (Montrose, UK)

The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

Morning Chronicle (Halifax)

The Morning Leader (Regina, SK)

The Morning Telegraph (New York, NY)


Munsey’s Magazine (New York)

Music Education Research

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The Nashville Banner (Nashville, TN)

Natal Advertiser (Durban, South Africa)

Natal Mercury (Durban, South Africa)

The Nation (New York, NY)

National Magazine (Boston)

The New Age (London)

The New Age (Washington, DC)

New-Church Messenger (Chicago, IL)

The New Outlook (Toronto, ON)

Newport Daily News (Newport, RI)

The New Quarterly

News Chronicle (London, UK)

The New Yorker (New York, NY)

The New York Family Story Paper

The New York Herald (New York, NY)

The New York Herald Tribune Books (New York, NY)

The New York Observer (New York, NY)

The New York Telegram (New York, NY)

The New York Times (New York, NY)

The New York Tribune (New York, NY)

The New York World (New York, NY)

New Zealand Times (Wellington, New Zealand)

North American (Philadelphia, PA)

The Northern Whig and Belfast Post (Belfast, UK)

Nottingham Journal (Nottingham, UK)

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The Oakland Tribune (Oakland, CA)

OHS Bulletin: The Newsletter of the Ontario Historical Society

Omaha World–Herald (Omaha, NE)

Ontario Library Review

The Oregonian (Portland, OR)

Otago Daily Times (Otago, New Zealand)

The Ottawa Citizen (Ottawa, ON)

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, ON)

The Outlook (London, UK)

The Outlook (New York, NY)

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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada / Cahiers de la Société bibliographique du Canada

The Patriot (Charlottetown, PE)

The Patriot (Harrisburg, PA)

The Peterborough Examiner (Peterborough, ON)

The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA)

Philadelphia Press (Philadelphia, PA)

Philadelphia Record (Philadelphia, PA)

Philadelphia World (Philadelphia, PA)

Photoplay Magazine (Chicago, IL)

The Pioneer (Allahabad, India)

Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pittsburgh Leader (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pittsburgh Post (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pittsburgh Post–Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

The Pittsburgh Press (Pittsburgh, PA)

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH)

Poetics Today

Portland Express–Advertiser (Portland, ME)

Portland Journal (Portland, OR)

Portland News (Portland, ME)

Portland (ME) Transcript

The Post (New York, NY)

The Post Express (Rochester, NY)

The Post–Standard (Syracuse, NY)

The Presbyterian Record (Toronto, ON)

The Press (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Press–Herald (Portland, ME)

The Prince of Wales College Observer (Charlottetown)

Public Ledger (Philadelphia, PA)

The Publisher’s Weekly (New York, NY)

Punch, or the London Charivari (London, UK)

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The Queenslander (Brisbane, Australia)

Queen’s Quarterly

Quill and Quire (Toronto, ON)

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The Ram’s Horn (Chicago)

The Reader

Record of Christian Work (East Northfield, MA)

Regina Post (Regina, SK)

The Register (Adelaide, Australia)

The Religious Telescope (Dayton, OH)

The Republic (Boston, MA)

The Record (Kitchener–Waterloo, ON)

Resource Links

Resources for Feminist Research / Documentation sur la recherche féministe

The Rochester Herald (Rochester, NY)

Rochester Post (Rochester, NY)

Room of One’s Own

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The Sabbath Recorder (Plainfield, NJ)

Saint John Globe (Saint John, NB)

Salt Lake City Telegram (Salt Lake City, UT)

The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT)

San Antonio Jewish Record (San Antonio, TX)

The San Diego Union (San Diego, CA)

San Francisco Bulletin (San Francisco, CA)

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, CA)

San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA)

San Jose Mercury Herald (San Jose, CA)

The Saskatoon Star–Phoenix (Saskatoon, SK)

Saturday Night (Toronto, ON)

The Saturday Review (London, UK)

The Saturday Review of Literature (New York, NY)

School Library Journal

The School Journal (New York, NY)

The Scotsman (Edinburgh, UK)

The Seattle Sunday Times (Seattle, WA)

Settler Colonial Studies

The Sherbrooke Telegram (Sherbrooke, QC)

The Shining Scroll

Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies

Simmons Magazine (New York, NY)

Sirkka: Illustrated Magazine for Children

The Smart Set (New York, NY)

Southport Guardian (Southport, UK)

The Spectator (London, UK)

Spokane Chronicle (Spokane, WA)

Sports Afield (Chicago)

Springfield (MA) Republican

The Springfield Sunday Union and Republican (Springfield, MA)

The Springfield Union (Springfield, MA)

The Standard (Chicago, IL)

St. Andrew’s Cross (Boston, MA)

The Statesman (Boise, ID)

St. Catharines Standard (St. Catharines, ON)

St. Louis Globe–Democrat (St. Louis, MO)

Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en littérature canadienne

Studies in Culture

The Sun (New York, NY)

The Sunday News (Charleston, SC)

Sunday School Chronicle (London, UK)

The Sunday Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI)

Sunday Times (Johannesburg, South Africa)

The Sunday Times (Perth, Australia)

Sydney Church Standard (Sydney, Australia)

The Sydney Mail (Sydney, Australia)

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Australia)

The Syracuse Herald (Syracuse, NY)

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The Tampa Morning Tribune (Tampa, FL)

Telegraph (Macon, GA)

Telegraph–Journal (Saint John, NB)

The Times–Dispatch (Richmond, VA)

The Times Literary Supplement (London, UK)

The Times of India Illustrated Weekly (Mumbai, India)

The Times–Picayune (New Orleans, LA)

Topia: A Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies

The Toronto News (Toronto, ON)

The Toronto Star (Toronto, ON)

The Toronto Star Weekly (Toronto, ON)

The Toronto Telegram (Toronto, ON)

The Toronto World (Toronto, ON)

Tourist Studies

Trenton Evening Times (Trenton, NJ)

Trenton Times–Advertiser (Trenton, NJ)

Troy Record (Troy, NY)

Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature

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University of Guelph Research

University of Toronto Bookstore Review

University of Toronto Quarterly

The Utica Press (Utica, NY)

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The Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, BC)

Vick’s Family Magazine (Rochester, NY)

Vogue (New York, NY)

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The Washington Herald (Washington, DC)

The Washington Post (Washington, DC)

The Waterbury American (Waterbury, CT)

Waverley Magazine (Boston)

The Week (Brisbane, Australia)

The Weekly Bouquet (Boston)

The Weekly Press (Christchurch, New Zealand)

The Western Argus (Kalgoorlie, Australia)

The Western Journal of Graduate Research

The Western Mail (Perth, Australia)

Westminster Gazette (London, UK)

Whit Weekly (Kingston, ON)

Wilmington Every Evening (Wilmington, DE)

Wilson Library Bulletin (Bronx, NY)

The Winnipeg Evening Tribune (Winnipeg, MB)

Winnipeg Free Press (Winnipeg, MB)

The Winston–Salem Journal (Winston–Salem, NC)

Wisconsin Library Bulletin (Madison, WI)

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune (Wisconsin Rapids, WI)

Worcester Telegram (Worcester, MA)

Women’s Magazine (UK)

Women’s Studies

Women’s Writing

World Journal of English Literature

The Writer: A Monthly Magazine to Interest and Help All Literary Workers (Boston, MA)

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The Young Woman (London, UK)

The Youth’s Companion (Boston)

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Zion’s Herald (Boston)

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