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L.M. Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon: A Children’s Classic at 100

Du, Yan, and Joe Sutliff Sanders, eds. L.M. Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon: A Children’s Classic at 100. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, forthcoming in 2024. Children’s Literature Association Series.

Paratexts: Introduction by Yan Du and Joe Sutliff Sanders

6” x 9”, 224 pp., 978-1-4968-5250-2 (trade paperback), 978-1-4968-5249-6 (hardcover)

L.M. Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon: A Children’s Classic at 100 is a collection of essays edited and introduced by Yan Du and Joe Sutliff Sanders. It features original scholarship by Yoshiko Akamatsu, Carol L. Beran, Rita Bode, Lesley D. Clement, Allison McBain Hudson, Kate Lawson, Jessica Wen Hui Lim, Lindsey McMaster, E. Holly Pike, Katharine Slater, Margaret Steffler, and Anastasia Ulanowicz. The volume will be published as a trade paperback and as a hardcover by University Press of Mississippi in May 2024, as part of the Children’s Literature Association series.


A collection of essays focused on the often-overlooked novel series by the beloved author of Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874–1942) was a Canadian author best known for writing the wildly popular Anne of Green Gables. At the time of its publication in 1908, it was an immediate bestseller and launched Montgomery to fame. Less known than the dreamy and accidentally mischievous Anne Shirley is Emily Byrd Starr, the title character in the trilogy that followed much later in Montgomery’s professional career, Emily of New Moon. Published in 1923, Emily of New Moon is the first in a series of novels about an orphan girl growing up on Prince Edward Island, a story that mirrors Anne’s but intentionally resists many of the defining qualities of Montgomery’s most famous creation.

Despite being overshadowed by the immense popularity of Anne of Green Gables, the Emily of New Moon trilogy has become a subject of endless fascination to fans and scholars around the world. The trilogy was conceived during an important phase in Montgomery’s career during which she turned from Anne and plunged into more intricate aspects of gender, adolescence, nature, and authorship. While the novels have attracted rich critical attention since their publication, book-length studies proved surprisingly scarce. L.M. Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon: A Children’s Classic at 100 is the first scholarly volume exclusively dedicated to the trilogy, coalescing different research perspectives. It offers a fresh point of entrance into a well-loved classic at its one-hundredth anniversary.


Introduction / Yan Du and Joe Sutliff Sanders

Part One: Literary Resonances

1. Warring with Failure: Emily’s Quest and the Victorian Past / Kate Lawson

2. Exile and Instrumentality in the Emily Books / Jessica Wen Hui Lim

3. Emily Byrd Starr Meets Brené Brown: “Braving the Wilderness” and Achieving “True Belonging” / Lesley D. Clement

Part Two: Emily’s Things

4. Everyday Objects: Material Culture in the Emily Trilogy / Allison McBain Hudson

5. “Something Incalculably Precious”: Diary Writing in Emily of New Moon / Lindsey McMaster

Part Three: Gender

6. The Japanese Reception of the Emily Trilogy through Translation / Yoshiko Akamatsu

7. Claiming and Reclaiming the Maternal: Mothering and Mothers in the Emily Books / Rita Bode

8. “A Ghost You Can Feel and Hear but Never See”: Queer Hauntings in Emily of New Moon / Katharine Slater

Part Four: Time

9. The Romance of History in the Emily Novels / E. Holly Pike

10. Encroaching Darkness: L.M. Montgomery’s Books about Emily / Carol L. Beran

11. Reading Emily out of Time and Place: Breaking Chronology and Space / Margaret Steffler

12. Emily’s Afterlives: Trauma, Repetition, and (Re)Reading in Emily of New Moon and Russian Doll / Anastasia Ulanowicz

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