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Ephraim Weber


Journal Articles (2)

Weber, E. “L.M. Montgomery’s ‘Anne.’” The Dalhousie Review 24, no. 1 (April 1944): 64–73.

Excerpted in Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism 51, edited by Laurie Di Mauro, 178–80. Detroit: Gale, 1993.

Excerpted in Children’s Literature Review 8, edited by Gerard J. Senick, 112–13. Detroit: Gale, 1985.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 400–10.

Weber, E. “L.M. Montgomery as a Letter-Writer.” The Dalhousie Review 22, no. 3 (October 1942): 300–10.

Also as “L.M. Montgomery as a Letter Writer,” by Ephraim Weber, in Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery, by Alexandra Heilbron, 238–51. Toronto: The Dundurn Group, 2001.

Also in The L.M. Montgomery Reader, 1: 385–99.

Newsletter Item (1)

Weber, Ephraim. “A Loaf of Bread.” Kindred Spirits, Autumn 2000, 4.

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