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Hildi Froese Tiessen

After Green Gables: L.M. Montgomery's Letters to Ephraim Weber, 1916–1941


Posthumous Book by L.M. Montgomery (1)

Montgomery, L.M. After Green Gables: L.M. Montgomery’s Letters to Ephraim Weber, 1916–1941. Edited by Hildi Froese Tiessen and Paul Gerard Tiessen. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006.

Book Chapters (2)

Tiessen, Hildi Froese. “The Conflicted Worlds behind the Letters of L.M. Montgomery and Ephraim Weber.” In Storm and Dissonance: L.M. Montgomery and Conflict, edited by Jean Mitchell, 278–94. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.

Tiessen, Paul, and Hildi Froese Tiessen. “Epistolary Performance: Writing Mr. Weber.” In The Intimate Life of L.M. Montgomery, edited by Irene Gammel, 222–38. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005.

Journal Articles (3)

Tiessen, Hildi Froese. “The Story of a Novel: How We Found Ephraim Weber’s ‘Three Mennonite Maids.’” Journal of Mennonite Studies 26 (2008): 161–80.

Tiessen, Hildi Froese. “A Mennonite Novelist’s Journey (from) Home: Ephraim Weber’s Encounters with S.F. Coffman and Lucy Maud Montgomery.” Conrad Grebel Review 24, no. 2 (Spring 2006): 84–108.

Tiessen, Hildi Froese, and Paul Gerard Tiessen. “Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Ephraim Weber (1870–1956): ‘A Slight Degree of Literary Recognition.’” Journal of Mennonite Studies 11 (1993): 43–54.

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