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The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies: L.M. Montgomery and Reading

Scarth, Kate, and Emily Woster, eds. The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies: L.M. Montgomery and Reading. Charlottetown: L.M. Montgomery Institute and Robertson Library, 2022.

Paratexts: Preface by Kate Scarth; introductory essay by Emily Woster

6 x 9”, vi + viii + 417 pp.

The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies: L.M. Montgomery and Reading is a collection of essays edited by Kate Scarth and Emily Woster. Based on an international conference hosted by the L.M. Montgomery Institute and held at the University of Prince Edward Island in June 2018, the collection consists of materials first published as part of a special collection of the online publication Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies, including a preface by Kate Scarth, an introductory essay by Emily Woster, a short story by Anna Rose Johnson, and articles by Mary Beth Cavert, Carolyn Strom Collins, Brenton D.G. Dickieson, Elizabeth Rollins Epperly, Melanie J. Fishbane, Trinna S. Frever, Laura Leden, Margaret Mackey, E. Holly Pike, Catherine Sheldrick Ross and Åsa Warnqvist, Kazuko Sakuma, Julie A. Sellers, Heather Thomson, and Bonnie J. Tulloch. It was published as a trade paperback by the L.M. Montgomery Institute and Robertson Library (University of Prince Edward Island) in June 2022.


Acknowledgements (i–iii)

Journal Aims and Scope (iv–vi)

Preface to L.M. Montgomery and Reading: June 2021 / Kate Scarth (1–3)

Reading Montgomery: Past, Preset, and Future / Emily Woster (5–32)

Reading L.M. Montgomery across Genres

Reading Time: L.M. Montgomery and the “Alembic of Fiction” / Elizabeth Rollins Epperly (35–51)

“A Good Imagination Gone Wrong”: Reading Anne of Green Gables as a Quixotic Novel / Julie A. Sellers (53–77)

Rainbow Valley as Embodied Heaven: Initial Explorations into L.M. Montgomery’s Spirituality in Fiction / Brenton D.G. Dickieson (79–101)

Reading the Book as Object and Thing in the Emily Series / E. Holly Pike (103–20)

On Reading L.M. Montgomery’s Essays / Heather Thomson (121–61)

Cutting and Pasting: What L.M. Montgomery’s Island Scrapbooks Reveal about Her Reading / Carolyn Strom Collins (163–172)

L.M. Montgomery’s Letters to Scotland: Reading between the Lines / Mary Beth Cavert (173–202)

Readers Reading L.M. Montgomery

Reading in and Out of Order: Living in and around an Extended Fiction / Margaret Mackey (205–23)

Reading L.M. Montgomery’s Pat Books Out of Order: Japanese Readers, Loss, and the Possibility of New Life / Kazuko Sakuma (225–53)

Seeing Female Readers, Reading Female Readers, Making Meta-Readers: Montgomery as Depictor and Creator of Scholars / Trinna S. Frever (255–70)

Two Annes, Many Annes: A Writer’s Reflection on Reading Anne of Green Gables and The Diary of Anne Frank / Melanie J. Fishbane (271–97)

Reading L.M. Montgomery: What Adult Swedish and Canadian Readers Told Us / Catherine Sheldrick Ross and Åsa Warnqvist (299–338)

L.M. Montgomery’s Reading Legacies

Canadian “Anne-Girl[s]”: Literary Descendants of Montgomery’s Red-Headed Heroine / Bonnie J. Tulloch (341–78)

Reading Lost in Translation: Omission of Intertextuality in the Swedish Translation of the Emily Trilogy / Laura Leden (379–409)

Winter at Twin Chimneys: A Creative Continuation of the Pat Series / Anna Rose Johnson (410–15)

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