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Kate Tucker Goode

1863–1917. American poet.

At a Glance

Rilla of Ingleside (1)


Caleb’s Daughter (1)

Caleb’s Daughter (1914 poem)

But I thought of Judah’s glory, and I summoned all my will;
When our women fail in courage, shall our men be fearless still?
And I lifted steadfast glances, and my lips pressed back the moan,
“Go,” I said, “and God be with you!” Then I sought the tents alone. (Stanza 9)

Rilla of Ingleside, chapter 5 (“When our women fail in courage, / Shall our men be fearless still?”).


Goode, Kate Tucker. “Caleb’s Daughter.” In The First Fruits and Other Poems, 57–61. New York: Fleming H. Revell Company, 1914. Online at

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