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L.M. Montgomery: An Assessment

Cover art for L.M. Montgomery: An Assessment (1976)

L.M. Montgomery: An Assessment is a collection of essays edited by John Robert Sorfleet, published in 1976 by Canadian Children’s Press and reprinting portions of an “L.M. Montgomery Issue” of the academic journal Canadian Children’s Literature published in Autumn 1975. It features an introduction by John R. Sorfleet, original articles by Ann S. Cowan, Jane Cowan Fredeman, Jean Little, Mary Rubio, Gillian Thomas, and Muriel A. Whitaker, and a reprint of a 1966 book chapter by Elizabeth Waterston.


Introduction: L.M. Montgomery: Canadian Authoress / John R. Sorfleet (4–7)

Lucy Maud Montgomery 1874–1942 / Elizabeth Waterston (9–26)

Satire, Realism, and Imagination in Anne of Green Gables / Mary Rubio (27–36)

The Decline of Anne: Matron vs. Child / Gillian Thomas (37–41)

Canadian Writers: Lucy Maud and Emily Byrd / Ann S. Cowan (42–49)

“Queer Children”: L.M. Montgomery’s Heroines / Muriel A. Whitaker (50–59)

The Land of Lost Content: The Use of Fantasy in L.M. Montgomery’s Novels / Jane Cowan Fredeman (60–70)

But What about Jane? / Jean Little (71–81)


Editor: John Robert Sorfleet
Country: Canada
Publisher: Canadian Children’s Press
Date: 1976
Pagination: 81
Format: Trade paperback
Trim: 6” x 9”
ISBN: 0-920512-00-3

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