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Maud’s House of Dreams: The Life of Lucy Maud Montgomery

Author: Janet Lunn
Country: Canada
Publisher: Doubleday Canada (n.p.)
Date: 2002
Pagination: viii + 152 pp.
Format: Jacketed hardcover
Trim: 5.5” x 8.5”
ISBN: 0-385-65933-4

Maud’s House of Dreams is a young adult biography of L.M. Montgomery by Janet Lunn that was published by Doubleday Canada in 2002.

From the Dust Jacket

This is an engaging and highly moving young-adult biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables, Emily of New Moon, and many more treasured stories, written by one of Canada’s most respected writers for young adults.

Maud Montgomery was not yet two years old when she saw her mother for the last time. The journey from that day to the day Maud signed “Lucy Maud Montgomery” at the end of her first published story was often long and painful. Award-winning young adult author Janet Lunn vividly brings to life the spirit that was Lucy Maud Montgomery, including her strict and lonely upbringing, as well as her hard-won successes after many years of doubt and rejection. Throughout her life, Maud never stopped writing her journals and stories.

Today, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books have been translated into nearly every language, and dozens of plays, musicals, films, and made-for-television series have been produced. In 1975 a Canadian Anne postage stamp was issued, and in Japan, where her stories are hugely popular, two theme parks have been opened. At the end of 1999 when lists of the last century’s favourite writers were being compiled in Canada, the name Lucy Maud Montgomery led all others.


1. Story Girl (1–12)

2. Four Big Sweet Apples (13–19)

3. Happy Times at Park Corner (20–26)

4. Books, Boats, Brothers and Bosom Friends (27–39)

5. To Be a Writer (40–55)

6. Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (56–70)

7. Home Again (71–82)

8. Charlottetown (83–91)

9. Maud Montgomery, Teacher (92–100)

10. Dalhousie (101–8)

11. I Am Not Maud Montgomery at All (109–23)

12. The Alpine Path (124–37)

13. Anne—and After (138–48)

Afterword (150–51)

Acknowledgements (n.pag.)


Reviews by Jennifer H. Litster, Stephanie Nolen, and Victoria Pennell.

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