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Melanie A. Kingston


Book Chapter (1)

Kingston, Melanie A. “Good Help Is Hard to Find: L.M. Montgomery’s Maids, 1911–1936.” In The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album, compiled by Kevin McCabe, edited by Alexandra Heilbron, 286–90. Toronto: Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 1999.

Newsletter Items (4)

Kingston, Melanie A. “A Structured Life.” The Road to L.M. Montgomery 8 (June 1999): 1.

Kingston, Melanie A. “L.M. Montgomery’s ‘Answer.’” The Road to L.M. Montgomery 7 (December 1998): 10.

Kingston, Melanie. “L.M. Montgomery’s Susan Baker: A Canadian Patriot.” The Road to L.M. Montgomery 5 (December 1997): 6–7.

Kingston, Melanie A. “‘I’ve a Plummy Bit of News’: LMM and Holiday Fruitcake.” The Road to L.M. Montgomery 3 (December 1996): 1, 12.

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