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Misfits and Miracles

Misfits and Miracles is the twentieth of twenty-nine titles in the Road to Avonlea storybook series, “based on the Sullivan Films productions adapted from the novels of Lucy Maud Montgomery.” Written by Linda Zwicker and based on the episode of the same name by Heather Conkie, it was first published in Canada by HarperCollins in 1992 and reprinted in the U.S. by Bantam Skylark in 1993. It was preceded by It’s Just a Stage and followed by The Ties That Bind.

From the Back Cover

A new school mandate has all the Avonlea kids out of the schoolhouse door and onto the ice—including Sara Stanley. However, the townsfolk’s love of hockey is quickly surpassed by a variety of feuds and spats between just about everyone, all of which will be settled in one exciting game.

Adapted from the award-winning, internationally acclaimed television series, the magical adventures of “The Story Girl” continue—in the spirit and tradition of Lucy Maud Montgomery—for a new generation of young readers.


Reviews by Jennifer Johnson, Kaija Pepper, and Ann Moynes Smith.


AuthorLinda Zwicker
Country: Canada/USA
Publishers: HarperCollins (Toronto); Bantam Skylark (New York)
Date: 1992 (Canada); 1993 (USA)
Pagination: iv + 123 pp.
Format: Trade paperback
Trim: 7.58″ x 5.25″
ISBN: 0-00-647390-3 (Canada), 0-553-48046-4 (USA)
Series: Road to Avonlea

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