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Reflections on Our Relationships with Anne of Green Gables: Kindred Spirits

Cover art for /Reflections on Our Relationships with Anne of Green Gables/, edited by Jessica Carniel and Nike Sulway

Reflections on Our Relationships with Anne of Green Gables: Kindred Spirits is a collection of essays edited by Jessica Carniel and Nike Sulway. It features original scholarship by Dallas John Baker, Lisa Bennett and Kylie Cardell, Anne Betz, Jessica Carniel and Nike Sulway, Christina Collins, Jessica Friedmann, Sabrina Mark, Emily Mohabir, Meghna Christina Mudaliar, Monique Mulligan, Emily L. Newman, Kazuko Sakuma, Julie A. Sellers, Rebecca Sheridan, Hiroe Suzuki, and Megan Mooney Taylor. It was published as an unjacketed hardcover by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in July 2021.

From the Back Cover

This collection of essays brings together passionate readers and literary critics from Canada, the US, Japan, and Australia. The essays ruminate on readers’ individual and collective relationships to one of the most iconic characters of Western literature: Anne of Green Gables. This relationship is imagined and interrogated through a range of critical and creative lenses, including studies of fan culture, translation, adaptation and imagination. The collection is unique in inviting responses that draw deeply on personal connections to Anne, and the ways that readers’ relationships to her have shifted over time. The book will appeal most particularly to readers seeking essays and other works that bridge the divide between a critical and a more personal response to “our Anne girl.”


1. Kindred Spirits: Reflections on Our Relationship with Anne of Green Gables / Jessica Carniel and Nike Sulway (1–6)

2. “There Is So Much More Scope for the Imagination”: Reading Anne as 1980s Children in Canada and Australia / Lisa Bennett and Kylie Cardell (7–18)

3. In Search of a Bosom Friend: Remembering My Kindred Spirits Pen Pal / Christina Collins (19–26)

4. Anne Shirley and Hanako Muraoka: The Relationship between the Character and Her Translator in Japan / Hiroe Suzuki (27–41)

5. From One Anne to An(ne)other: The True-Life Account of Two Annes / Anne Betz (42–51)

6. Picturing Anne’s Puffed-Sleeve Dress: Colour, Belonging, and Wish Fulfilment in Anne of Green Gables / Sabrina Mark (52–63)

7. Anne through the Looking Glass / Monique Mulligan (64–71)

8. “It’s a Million Times Nicer to Be Anne of Green Gables than Anne of Nowhere in Particular, Isn’t It?”: Reading Anne by the Brown, Dusty Banks of the Murray River / Megan Mooney Taylor (72–82)

9. “My Red Hair Is a Curse”: Growing Up Red-Headed with Anne of Green Gables / Emily L. Newman (83–93)

10. Higher Education of Women and the Lasting Popularity of Anne of Green Gables in Japan / Kazuko Sakuma (94–104)

11. “Just as If I Was a Heroine in a Book”: Quixotic Identification in and with Anne of Green Gables / Julie A. Sellers (105–20)

12. “A Graveyard Full of Buried Hopes”: Rethinking Realism and Romance in Anne of Green Gables and Rilla of Ingleside / Rebecca Sheridan (121–29)

13. Owen, Leslie, Anne, Maud: Writing the Self in Four Winds Harbour / Jessica Friedmann (130–39)

14. Reading Anne of Green Gables in the Twenty-First Century: Anne with an E and Queer Ecofeminist Fanfiction / Meghna Christina Mudaliar (140–48)

15. Re(ad)-writing Anne: Participatory Internet Fan Activities as Textual Negotiation / Emily Mohabir (149–58)

16. Anne as Pagan, Anne as Queer / Dallas John Baker (159–70)

17. Anne with a Me: Adapting to New Adaptations of Anne as She Adapts to Us / Jessica Carniel (171–88)

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