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Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery

remembering-lucy-maud-montgomeryRemembering Lucy Maud Montgomery is a volume by Alexandra Heilbron consisting of thirty-two interviews with L.M. Montgomery’s family members and neighbours as well as ten reprinted articles originally published between 1909 and 1942. It was published as a trade paperback by The Dundurn Group in October 2001.

From the Back Cover

Lucy Maud Montgomery not only gave the world the classic novel Anne of Green Gables, but she was also a devoted mother, minister’s wife, neighbour and friend to many, who in turn were privileged to have known this great lady. In Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery, she is brought to life through first-hand reminiscences with people who knew her, including students, neighbours, maids, family and friends.

Rounding out this look at the author are magazine and newspaper articles that appeared from 1909 to 1942. These give the reader a chance to discover how Montgomery was perceived by the press during her lifetime. Many of these rare interviews have not been made available since they were first published.

Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery offers a unique portrait of Canada’s most beloved author.


Acknowledgments (11)

Introduction (13–15)

Chapter One: Maud, Beloved Aunt and Grandmother (17–18)

Georgie (Campbell) MacLeod (19–25)

Amy (Campbell) Lambert (26–32)

Roma (Montgomery) Campbell (33–35)

Keith Webb (36–43)

Marion (Webb) Laird (44–51)

Lorraine (Webb) Wright (52–54)

Luella (Macdonald) Veijalainen (55–64)

Chapter Two: Mrs. Macdonald as an Employer (65–66)

Elsie (Bushby) Davidson (67–76)

Helen (Mason) Schafer (77–80)

Ethel (Dennis) Currie (81–90)

Ethel (Swindlehurst) Webb (91–93)

Chapter Three: Maud as Neighbour and Friend (95–97)

Ed Campbell Jr. (98–101)

Mary (Coupland) Maxwell (102–5)

Norma Urquhardt (106–11)

Joan (Browne) Carter (112–14)

Ethel (Bignell) Haines (115–17)

Dorothy (Watson) McLean (118–20)

Isabelle (Mustard) St. John (121–24)

Eva (Banks) Dalton (125–27)

Olive (Harrison) Elliot (128–31)

Eleanor Dawson (132–33)

Chapter Four: Mrs. Macdonald, Our Sunday School Teacher (135–36)

Margaret (Macdonald) McKane (137–41)

Craig Reid (142–47)

Jean (Giffen) Macdonald (148–49)

Claude McLaughlin (150–53)

Ruth (Giffen) Forgrave (154–56)

Jim Clark (157–58)

Chapter Five: L.M. Montgomery, Famous Author (159–60)

Bernice (Thurman) Hunter (161–65)

Linda (Olive Watson) Sparks (166–71)

Betty Ball (172–74)

Mary Skinner (175–76)

Desmond Newell (177–79)

Chapter Six: Articles about L.M. Montgomery, 1909–1942 (181)

Miss Montgomery, the Author of the “Anne” [Books] / A. Wylie Mahon (182–84)

L.M. Montgomery / Marjorie MacMurchy (185–89)

“Anne of Green Gables” Is Story of Miss L.M. Montgomery’s Childhood / Marjorie MacMurchy (190–94)

The Author of Anne / Ethel Chapman (195–99)

Fiction Writers on Fiction Writing, 1923 (200–6)

Famous Author and Simple Mother / Norma Phillips Muir (207–11)

The Best Known Woman in Prince Edward Island / Maude Petitt Hill (212–30)

Minister’s Wife and Authoress / C.L. Cowan (231–35)

Poetry Her First Love Says L.M. Montgomery (236–37)

L.M. Montgomery as a Letter Writer / Ephraim Weber (238–51)

Notes (253–55)


Reviews by Cecily Devereux, Benjamin Lefebvre and Mary Henley Rubio, Elisabeth Anne MacDonald-Murray, and Jason Nolan.


Author: Alexandra Heilbron
Country: Canada
Publisher: The Dundurn Group
Date: 2001
Pagination: 255 pp.
Format: Trade paperback
ISBN: 1-55002-362-4

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